Tattoos Honoring Chester


I love them all Chester flames looks so good on u




all these tattoos for linkinpark i love it :slight_smile:


I love your tattoo it have a great meanings to it. It just touch my heart.


Love the vibrancy of the colors! Looks awesome!


wow just wow


Wow I love it! It’s so beautiful and the colors


Amazing!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I want a tattoo but I’m sticking to text. Cuz if I would to get a image on me and it looks nothing like the picture. People will go missing. Like @jFar920 and @lp13413


This week i go to the shop to make a appointment for this tattoo to honering Chester! I already love it!! :heart: what do you think about it guys? :blush:


I love lp logo with the flame so cool





I’m thinking of going with Chester’s flames on my left arm with the LP logo inside, just the way you did, but on my forearm. Looks soo good. I Love it!


I really like your addition to the LP logo. Where is it going to go?


Best tatoo ever!


I’ve done two weeks ago-so proud :metal:


Wow that so cool i love the tattoo


Thx :wink: HT best album


Its awesome!! :smiley::smiley:


It is a photo. But I liked the idea. I was thinking of getting it too. I would get it to show my support of them sticking together . Staying together even after this tragedy. And I would get it with Chester’s hand in it too. Bc I love and miss him too, he’s part of them, I wouldn’t leave him out & I don’t want to forget him. : )