Technique (Longer Version)


Does anybody know what happened to the 3 minute version of Technique from the Hybrid Theory EP?

Thing is, I used to have a copy of it years ago, but i lost the file and haven’t heard it in such a long time that i kind of became convinced i’d imagined it… But apparently there really is a longer version of Technique out there somewhere!

Does anyone know where i could find it?


If there is any longer version out there on your CD, then you’re really lucky to have the only copy in the world with longer version :wink:
On the original 2001 rerelease which I own the track is only 0:40, and I’m pretty sure it’s not longer on the 1999 disk.


I don’t have a physical copy of HTEP. The version of Technique i had was downloaded from Kazaa (naughty, i know), so i began to assume that it was either a weird remix by someone else, or that i had just imagined it, since i lost the file years ago. But recently i heard that there is actually a longer version of Technique (released online, apparently) from LP’s very early days as Hybrid Theory, so i was just wondering if anyone here knew about it. :slight_smile:


Nah, that was probably fan-made


I have a physical CD of this album and the song is only 0:40.
It’s probably just another Fan Made…


There is no longer version of Technique. The only version there is the 40 second one on the Hybrid Theory EP CD. Its labeled Technique (Short) because it is a short song, not because there is a longer version of it. So that was probably a fan-made remix that you had.


I was thinking about this myself a while ago. I’m sure there’s a longer version, and I seem to remember it being played in the background on one of the LPU or LPTV episodes. I might go through them tonight to find which one it was


I’ve been pretty much resigned to the idea that it was just a fan mix, but i knew i couldn’t be the only one who’d heard a longer version somewhere! Please let me know if you do find it; it would be really interesting to hear it again after such a long time.