Ten Years Of Meteora


I still can’t believe it’s been ten years already, really. (March 25 in the States; March 24th everywhere else)

What are some of your favorite memories from this era?
Where does this album rank among your favorites?
Have a favorite song?
How are you planning on celebrating?

I, myself, am planning on uploading a video to my YouTube as my ode to such a memorable album for me.

Let’s discuss this guys [smile]


This is actually my favorite album of all time… two of my most played/listened song is in this album titled “Somewhere I Belong & Faint”


What are some of your favorite memories from this era?
Walking into the CD store, seeing it and using my allowance to buy it. And my mom questioning if it had bad words in it haha.

Where does this album rank among your favorites?
#1 It’s energy is just so awesome. I love playing it still today in my car and just rocking out start to finish. I don’t understand why so many people bash it. It’s like its cool or something.

Have a favorite song?
Figure .09

How are you planning on celebrating?
Probably play it all the way through, but CD style, not digital.


Happy Birthday Meteora :slight_smile:


What makes it even more special to me is that I also celebrate my 10th anniversary of being a Linkin Park fan. Meteora itself is my favorite album ever and it means incredibly much to me. I have so many memories connected with Meteora that I can’t pick just one. I love all the songs but my favorite ones are Breaking the Habit and Faint.


Figure .09 all the way. It’s still my top favorite LP song. I remember the days where I had searched my ass off to find that alternate blue cover version of Meteora. And when I got it, it was the best day.


Wow!! 10 yaers!! That’s a long time!!

Metora is my second favorite album (first has to be HT).
I like all the music, but I guess Lying From You is my favorite.
Listening to my CD is a great celebration!!


Meteora was the first album i purchased, so it holds a special place in my heart. A boy from my class had gotten it, but didn’t like “the new style” since HT, he overheard me talking about the album and said I could buy his - so I did. :slight_smile:

I don’t plan on doing anything extra special today though, other than maybe listening to the album a few times - “unfortunately” I have other plans for today as well, and they take up most of my time. :slight_smile:

My favourite song on the album is Easier to Run. It used to be Numb, I could relate to the song a lot and it helped me through a rough time in high school, but there’s just something about Easier to Run that I can’t explain.

I owe Meteora a lot.


For me … all LP albums are equal in a way. I cannot make a top five. Sometimes… like right now A Thousand Suns is on a lot. It helps contains the right melodies, lyrics. But that doesn’t make it better then all the other albums.
I remember buying Meteora with my mom. And I remember her telling me in the shop she hadn’t seen my eyes shine so much in weeks XD. So looking back that was amazing hehe :).

Uhm… fav. songs… Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Breaking The Habit, From The Inside, Numb… and the rest is enormously good as well. But those five… Have more then just a special meaning to me!

And I celebrated it by playing the cd all day yesterday. Hehe I didn’t know it, but four years ago I married on March 24. So I am not gonna forget when Meteora was released anymore! :slight_smile:

And do you have a link to the video you uploaded?


was 10 years ago today I went to the store and picked up the special edition… had Somewhere I Belong on repeat for a good 2 or 3 weeks


I was in Los Angeles helping LPU Admin for the final 2 dates of the LPU Tour which coincided with the release of Meteora stateside.

Meeting so many LPUers back then was one of the best times of my life. It’s just a shame 99% of the people I met during that week are no longer members.




I mentioned a video coming in the original post. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vmIbT81xAA


I love Breaking the habit!


It really doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 whole years already! But Meteora is very special because it was my very first Linkin Park album I bought! Although I became a fan in 2001 with “In the End,” there was so much excitement and joy from the start and not long after becoming a fan, I heard that they were to release Meteora soon and that became a HUGE event for me! Everything in my life revolved around Meteora and I’ll never forget the first moment when I heard the cd and how it made me feel.

From the very start, I could relate to each song and they helped me through sooooo many things, and still do!!! It’s such a versatile and timeless album that will always have a special meaning! I don’t know how I would have survived without it and how I would have endured trials. There are so many amazing memories attached to Meteora that I’ll never forget!

As for my favorite memories from that era, all of them are great! And Meteora will always have a special place in my heart since it was my very first album, but all of their albums are so precious to me. [biggrin]

I can’t choose just one favorite song either because all of them helped me through so many things! But I loved how I could listen to it while being angry or hurt and I would feel so much better, and then listen to it while being so happy and celebrating some incredible feeling!

And I simply celebrated by listening to the entire album and reflecting on how much it meant to me 10 years ago, and how much it still means to me. [cool]


[quote=Bob]I was in Los Angeles helping LPU Admin for the final 2 dates of the LPU Tour which coincided with the release of Meteora stateside.

Meeting so many LPUers back then was one of the best times of my life. It’s just a shame 99% of the people I met during that week are no longer members.[/quote]

I didn’t meet you back then but I’m still here :slight_smile: The LPU Tour is one of my favorite LP memories and Meteora is still my favorite album. The tour and album came at a time when I needed something to look forward to and it was exactly what I needed.


Can’t believe its been 10 years!! Still listening to it non-stop [biggrin] I can never pick my favourite LP song (its too hard) but if I really had to I think it would be Somewhere I Belong [smile] Meteora is just a brilliant album all over, I’ll still be listening to it in 10 more years [lol]


Meteora is my favourite album. Its special for me and i really like listening and enjoying it. Got it 2003 after i heard somewhere i belong on a tv commercial!! Such a good song!! Meteora is on first place with A thousand Suns and Minutes to Midnight


hmmm…favorite memories from that era:

  • obviously the LPTV’s. “everybody died at 4:20, man!”, “the ghost in the creepy hotel”, “the tiny violin” are the ones that come to mind atm.
  • not a good memory, but when chester went to the hospital it was cool to see everyone rallying around him and the other guys. the good part of this memory was when jube (former mod) told everyone on the boards that chester was out of the hospital!
  • the funtiemz from the LPMB (i had been a serial lurker on the boards since '02). quotable quotes, “you know you’re obsessed with linkin park when…”, “mike shinoda sleepover party” (yes, this was a thread.), and everyone who wrote “the linkins” (yes, this existed too.).
  • best memory of all: seeing LP at PR04, and then realizing my show was the one recorded for the MTV2 Projekt Revolution special!

meteora is probably my absolute favorite out of all the albums.

somewhere i belong is my favorite.

i didn’t really celebrate - i was just happy all day lol.


What are some of your favorite memories from this era?
My big brother came home one day with this CD and introduced me to Linkin Park! I hadn’t even heard of them before he bought Meteora. [biggrin]

Where does this album rank among your favorites?
It’s my #1! I just like this style compared to newer LP.

Have a favorite song?
Somewhere I Belong, Faint

How are you planning on celebrating?
Digging out my brother’s old hard copy and playing it through!