Thank you Chester and Linkin Park


Thank you Chester Bennington.

Thank you Mike Shinoda, thank you Dave Farrel, thank you Rob Bourdon, thank you Brad Delson, thank you Joe Hahn.
Thanks for leading us through this fantastic journey all these years. It’s been amazing living this dream of having you as idols and having the opportunity of feeling close to you guys through the Underground. I’ve been to eight concerts and met the band twice. Thought I’d do it to the rest of our lives.
But today is this day. I guess it’s the end now. I can’t imagine living this again without Chester there.
So I want to thank all of you for letting us live this dream.
We will still be glad to experience your art and talents.
But right now, I can’t imagine a Linkin Park without Chester in it.

My condolences to the family, friends, band members and supporters. We will still be together and Chester will live forever in our hearts.


Linkin Park have got me through some tough times and I really wish there was something I could do in return to help right now.

Thank you Chester and all the love and hugs to Brad, Dave, Joe, Mike, Rob and the LP family. Stay strong.

We’re all one big community on here, united by music - if someone needs a friend don’t be afraid to send a message!


it’s a nightmare !!! i can’t believe this!! 2 moth ago , the band was in my country , they played “one more light” chester face after receiving the gift of the fun club , was so amazing !!! … thak you so much Chester , my teen age has gone with you… Lima Peru 20 of July.


I wish I can tell them face to face how much LP means so much to me. Thank you to the people who has worked by Chester’s side for many years and may he rest in peace. Stay strong soldiers