Thank you Chester, Linkin Park


Honestly I’m not a fan of social media, but I need to get this out there, and chose to do so on the official Linkin Park page…

Chester has been a hero of mine since I was a kid, my first album being hybrid theory. I remember when they first debuted in 2000 and seeing them on MTV for an interview, and the video for crawling playing after. I was 11 at the time so I basically just heard of them then, but when Meteora was coming out 3 years later I got hybrid theory, and it was life changing. I too have suffered from depression for basically all of my life. My dad had committed suicide when I was five, and I never really felt like I belonged, and it only got worse through the years, til as recent as last year when I got medical help for it, and before that I had Linkin Park. They got me through so many hard times in my life through their music, and Chester’s passion and the way he put all his pain out there for the world to see. Chester made me feel not so alone in my struggle, and put into words how I was feeling, not only lyrically but also emotionally. I watched the interview where he said being alone in his own head was dangerous, and I’ve felt that about myself many times. Sometimes you get to the point where there are just so many negative feelings going on when you’re in that state of mind that you just do not want to feel at all anymore, and if you can’t get out of that quick you could very well have a tragic ending as well… I’ve gotten to that point, and listening to tracks like somewhere I belong and leave out all the rest got me through those times, more so in my adult years. Numb, papercut, in the end, forgotten, and a place for my head were significant tracks during my adolescence, and I honestly don’t think I could’ve made it through jr./Sr. High without Linkin Park. I’m very grateful of you guys for being there, and all these tracks plus many others will continue to help me. The one more light album is also relatable for me, and has also helped me with the loss of Chester. I don’t care what anyone says, you guys did not “sell out” with this album, it proved what great artists you guys are.

I haven’t followed Linkin Park for a bit, and I just want to say I’m sorry I didn’t, and didn’t get to see Chester and you guys live, but I have been streaming a lot of the live shows and they were just absolutely amazing, and just goes to show something I took for granted. I would have definitely tried to see the 2017 tour, but then I found out about Chester. It was just strange for me to feel the way I am about someone passing that I had never met or spoken to, but he spoke through his music and was a significant person through my own personal struggle for many years, so I’ve honestly been grieving, and even though we never met I’ve (and many others) lost a dear friend who won’t ever be forgotten.

it wasn’t until the date for the event next month was released that it really hit me he’s gone. I have so much respect for you guys for getting out there, and just being able to cope with this, I could only imagine how people who were close to Chester must feel, and my thoughts go out to Linkin Park and Chester’s family and friends


You are a strong soldier friend, you can make it out. Stay strong. We all are a family so you can share with us. Just spend some time with your good friends or in this forums… you’ll feel better :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re here for each other, we support and listen. That’s what I like about Chester, he gave his heart for people and many people want to continue this legacy. I think this is what we need now in this world, to open our hearts for others. Just as you, first song I heard was ‘crawling’ and I was totally amazed! And as well, I must admit, I wasn’t ‘full-time’ fan of LP for years but loved every new song these guys made. Somehow Chester’s death affected me in a way I would never expect. When I saw news that day, I remember that my first reaction was a scream ‘Nooooo!’. Couldn’t believe it was true. I didn’t cry at that time, not a single tear for few weeks. I guess I was not sure if this really happend. But it was getting more and more real with time. Month after , I started to sob from time to time when listening to LP songs. Two months passed from Chester’s death and then it hit me hard. I burst into tears every time I even think that he’s no longer with us. At home, on the bus, doing shopping. It took me exactly two months to process in my head that this amazing guy is gone.


Chester meant so much to me and when i frist herd linkin park i was amazing of there songs and chester voice was wonderful. It hurts me bad when i herd he passed away i got so up set that i couldn’t not work i had to stop what i was doing. And that night i cry myself to sleep. He was my world. He will always be my Angel my love for hem are strong. I love hem forever.