Thank you Linkin Park for come in Rome


you are the Best Thank you for the concert in Rome was Amazing :grin:

Linkin Park in Rome

@Deborah_Arena did you see chesters tweet about rome ???




Yes yesterday i have seen the Tweet of Chester about Rome :grin:


I agree! It was the best concert in my life! I came to Rome from Poland just for Linkin Park <3 And I won’t forget it! :slight_smile:


Agreed! It was amazing :’)


:relaxed: i’m so happy to see them in Rome. I’ve never felt this way before… so excited! everything was perfect. Last year I was in Milan…someone of you that was there last year?


I was there.


Secondo me è stato migliore rispetto a quello di Milano, un concerto che non dimenticherò mai, veramente stupendo a dir poco, a pensarci vorrei tornare a quel benedettissimo giorno :cry: Sono stati stupefacenti :grin: