Thank you, Linkin Park


I am one of the very small lights out of many that flickers for Chester. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of the perfect words to express my emotions about Chester as a way to cope with the countless thoughts that are going through my head, but nothing I could possibly write could be more precise than his very own lyrics. He expressed pain, intensity, vulnerability and sensitivity through his music. So, just like I’ve used Linkin Park’s music as a way to escape and connect when my emotions ran high, I am using it now for Chester. “Leave Out All The Rest” seems to resonate with me the most. Linkin Park’s music helped me during some of my toughest times and was with my during some of my best times. When I heard the news about Chester, I felt like I lost my best friend. It’s no wonder though. When I did lose my best friend to a drug overdose, I felt like Linkin Park’s music was the most relatable way to cope.

I saw Linkin Park many years ago in concert in Tampa, Florida. It was surreal. Chester sang with such precision and devotion, like every word meant something to him. It was motivating to see someone so passionate about the work he did. I sang right along with him in my horrible voice, in the rain, knowing every word, and taking in this once-of-a-lifetime experience.

At my bridal shower, we played a trivia game of how well my friends and family knew me. The one question that everyone seemed to know the answer to was my favorite band, Linkin Park. It was probably the easiest trivia question ever. My wedding of course wouldn’t be complete without some type of Linkin Park musical tie-in. So, percussional versions of Linkin Park songs were played.

I’m a fitness instructor and runner. I’ve spent many miles “bleeding it out” and being a “Runaway” with Linkin Park. It fueled my workouts. It motivated me to push my limits. It gave me strength and tenacity to not give up in anything I did. Linkin Park helped me feel powerful.

Chester and Linkin Park have been there for me during some of the best and worst times of my life. So, naturally, I wish I was there for Chester. As a wife, my heart goes out to Talinda. As a mom of two little girls, my heart goes out to their children. As a friend, my heart goes out to Linkin Park.


Hi I just read your post. I also play Linkin Park at work everyday to keep my mind of the stress and pressure and just because I love them I also like your last line of words I totally agree I feel sympathy and compassion for you and his family I hope you are well and have a great New Year 2018 { Merry Christmas} A new friend


I just read that and I can relate to it Chester and linkin park also helped me through hard times and the songs that I relate to the most are one step closer and somewhere I belong and Chester were ever you are I wish you a very merry Christmas and same as everyone here


Thanks Chester for giving me a reason to live now you are gone I have to fight and Linkin Park thanks for helping Chester you couldn’t save him but it’s not your fault he made this choice and we don’t know why some say he told you guys and you let him do it but I’m very sure that’s not true my heart is with all of Linkin Park


Merry Christmas @LPlover92 May 2018 start out better ill be there with you


Thanks so much