Thank you Linkin Park


Your song shadow of the day saved my life and my children’s lives. The lyrics you guys write are unbelievable, every song I’ve listened to has meaning. Linkin Park are the only musicians that I will purchase a whole CD because I know I’m guaranteed great lyrics in every song, I can listen to every song on everyone of your guys albums. The thing that hurts the most for me is knowing what his family is going through you all, and pretty much the whole world to, I pray for his family, you all, and your fans that peace rains down on all and may God strengthen all our souls to focus on what Chester brought to the world, and the people his amazing voice saved. I am one of them.
Thank you,
Linkin Park


I don’t know what to say, bless you, you are a beautiful soul :heart:


I hope all connected to this tragedy feel this way, it will unite all of us.


Yes because of linkin park and chester voice . They have saved mylife. i was going through some bad times and i was going to end it all but one morning i turn on the radio and in the end came on and i love it and ever since then my love for linkin park and chester grown so stong. Thanks u linkin park for your music and Chester