Thank you LP for signing my guitar and putting on one kickass show [Sept 4th/2012] *Long Read*


I’d never been to a concert before, even though I’m 22 years old. (The way I see it, why go see an act that I’m not 100% into, yaknow?)

I’ve been a fan of LP for over ten years and have followed them religiously ever since my friend introduced me to the song “One Step Closer” citing it to be the “perfect song to play Starcraft to.” Ever since then, I’ve bought every album, every song, learned every song on guitar, even got “Wisdom, Justice and Love.” tattooed on my forearm in Greek. (You guys know how it is :P) Although they did come to Vancouver once or twice before, I was either too young or out of the country so I couldn’t attend those shows. When I found out that LP was coming to Vancouver, I bought three tickets right away - two were given to my friends. Didn’t care what kind of tix I got, just as long as I went this time. I booked the date of the venue off from work months in advance, just to be safe. Then I played the waiting game…

A few days before the show, I received an email … I was selected for the M&G. It didn’t really hit me until later, but once it did… Oh boy, it was like I was a child all over again. I mean, it’s not every day that you get to meet your idols; the men that had a significant role in your adolescence life and made me who I am today. Then, the day of the concert arrived… It was at that moment when I realized something major … “Hey, I need to bring something to sign…!” I had totally forgotten that part … I was so excited and caught up in the moment (not to mention working 40+ hours a week kinda distracts you) that I had totally blanked out. I quickly scanned my surroundings until my guitar caught my attention … An Ibanez ART200 … A beautiful white guitar, perfect for signing. A friend from LPAssociation had helped me out with how to approach this situation, but could I really bring my guitar in to get signed? Only one way to find out … I had to make phone call after phone call to Guest Services to find if there was any way that I could bring my guitar in. After i had told the Head my story, she did everything she could to help me out, coordinating with her team to make everything happen. I really appreciate everything she did for me, which is why she will be getting a nice bouquet of flowers very soon.

After arriving, watching Mutemath’s set and experiencing a few Incubus songs, it was time for the LPU to meet up. THIS is when I started getting nervous, and I mean … REALLY nervous. What was I going to say to these guys. Who am I to see LP, the greatest rock band in the world. Luckily, my nerves were calmed by a gentleman named Chris, his daughter Sarah and another young woman whose name escapes me. (I apologize, I’m terrrrrrrible with names.) If not for you three, I probably would have gone insane haha. (It was a pleasure to meet you and if you’re reading this, keep in touch and hope to see you again!)

Now it was time to meet the band.

Gotta admit, I froze up when I saw them come down the hallway and into the main area. They were right there in front of me but as soon as I saw them joking around, talking to fans and just being … normal human beings, I felt so much better. We took our group photo and proceeded to stand in a line. The gentleman on my left had the Hybrid Theory EP (which was siiiick, wish I had that haha) and the gentleman to my right brought the Making of Meteora book. (Also an awesome looking book!) I actually had stuff planned in my head to say to each member of the band. Then Mr. Hahn came up to me and I couldn’t gather my thoughts… All I could come up with was “Hey, how are you?” DAAAAAAAAMN. Mr. Hahn, if you’re reading this … I WAS going to say: “Your scratching is beyond good . And for the record, I think you would look BADASS in a labcoat and cowboy hat.” I’ll think of something better for the next M&G. Then Rob came up to me and I kinda forgot what I was going to say too, which was “With every album, your drumming just keeps getting better and better.” but all I managed to say was “You kick ass at the drums, man.” I guess that works too. Then Brad shows up… I was prepared for him! I managed to say what I wanted to… “If it weren’t for you, I would never have picked this up. Thank you.” I said, referring to the guitar in my hand.

I’m probably screwing up the order so I’ll just tell you what I remember.

Mike and Phoenix come up and I essentially say the same thing. Seriously, if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be playing guitar or making my own music. I also asked Mike if he could sing The Wizard Song for us during the show. Got a laugh out of that too hah. Chester … I mean, what the hell do I say to him. He’s one of - if not the - best singer(s) in the world. Well, I said just that and I really meant it.

As soon as it had started, it was over. We were escorted out and we went back to the floor. It really felt like a dream the rest of the night. I mean, it was probably the best night of my life, it all felt so surreal. I went back to the floor where my friends were waiting for me and then the show started… Tinfoil went into Faint … As soon as the first note was struck on the guitar, the entire crowd erupted - it stayed like that for the rest of the night. By the end of it, my voice was gone, I had a splitting headache from not drinking enough water and I couldn’t hear a thing … But it was SO WORTH IT.

Thank you, Linkin Park. You literally made my dreams come true and blew my mind. I will never forget this night and hope to see you guys back in Vancouver again soon. One day, I hope to be up there on stage with you, touring the world (Next time you’re in Vancouver, you should let me play Faint. [biggrin] Or at least play The Wizard Song hehehe)

Thank you, Zane. (LPAssociation) If it weren’t for your help and support, this would never have happened.

Thank you and shout out to Chris, Sarah, Leo, Meteora Book Guy and mysterious tall girl. (Once again, I apologize. I am terrible with names.)

And most of all, thank you to my fellow LPU members. I’ve never met such a dedicated and loving fanbase, and it’s an honor and privilege to be a part of it.

Thank you for reading. This was a special night for me, and I just had to share it.

Also, here is the final result:

And here are some photos I took.


I loved reading your experience!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experience with your M&G “Xero”[smile]
only wished that I’ll be picked for the M&G[cry]


Thats basically how all of us hardcore fans feel when we meet the band. Love the guitar, great job and nice write up. IF YOU FELT LIKE THAT FROM THE MEET AND GREET, do yourself a favor and NO MATTER WHERE THE NEXT LINKIN PARK SUMMIT IS AT, this year Camden NJ and I went, GO TO THE SUMMIT AND SHOW THERE. It is 10x the experience you just had, more time with the band, meeting so many members and another lifelong memory. This is what makes LP so great, the effect they and there music has on there fans. See you at next years SUMMIT[smile][biggrin]


Cool, but then did you have to carry your guitar for the rest of the day or were you able to pu it in a locker or something?


I really always wanted to attend a summit … Definitely sounds like a good idea. I would love to meet more people and definitely spend more time with the band. Agreed 100% Trinity, LP’s music has had a tremendous effect on my life and I would love to be surrounded by others who love LP as much as I do. I’ll definitely be there next year.

@Hogmany: I had to make some calls and arrangements … They held my guitar at Guest Services before the M&G and then afterwards, I just put it in my car. (Underground parking)


It was good to meet you at the M&G lineup. I introduced my daughter to LP awhile back and ever since she has been hooked. It was a unique experience to meet the band as well. Hope to see you at the next one!


Dude! That is amazing that you got your guitar signed!


@Chris: Was good to meet you and Sarah too! Will definitely see you guys at the next one.

@Salvador: Hell yeah! Going to get a nice case for it and frame it on my wall.




You’re framing your guitar into a glass shadow box case? That’ll be amazing. I’ve had mine laying on my stand for a year now and I’m still not sure if I should get it varnished for added protection.


@ProjektXero Lucky man! I wanted to get my painted skate deck signed but I couldn’t bring it in. :frowning:


Hey man great Post. I was a few behind you in the line> i remembered your solid white guitar. that was a great show. I got so nervous when mike showed up and i just told him i loved fort minor and looked forward to the next installment> then i told Chester i loved dead by sunrise he didn’t say much


Awesome post! It made me feel just as excited as when I met them. I also need to go to the next summit.


Definitely man! I really want to display the guitar on the wall. I’ve still got my ticket stub and M&G pass, so I’ll add those too!

@LPSoulX: Damn man, maybe next time! I had to call so many times haha.

@Crazy I: Thanks man! Yeah, that show was amazing. The band was on fire. Yeah, Mike was really talkative I found. Chester was too - When I told him he was the best singer in the world, he bowed and thanked me and spoke with me for a sec. Can’t wait for the next show.

@Elka: Haha I’m glad I could do that! :smiley: Yeah, agreed. I really want to go to the next summit. Spend more time with the band AND awesome LPU members. What’s not to like


Haha that is SO COOL!!! Good for you.
I’ve got a pass for a Sydney show next year (ages away) but I’m already fresking out!!!
That is one damn fine guitar! :smiley:


Hello, I’m the Meteora book guy :slight_smile: Glad to hear you had a great concert experience too!


[quote=ProjektXero]Definitely man! I really want to display the guitar on the wall. I’ve still got my ticket stub and M&G pass, so I’ll add those too!

Do they offer shadow boxes big enough for an entire guitar?

I’m sticking with just leaving my guitar on the stand. My walls are full with my canvas and my posters.