Thank you lp - sa fans!


Turn my mic up louder, i got to say something…been a while since ive posted, guess im still recovering from their tour! Everyone has already posted their thank you’s, needed to share mine.

The journey began when roughly 80 strangers became really good friends through the love of LP. Stories, ideas and so much of fun was had on our Facebook page, and that all led up to one of the best days of our lives…the summit in Cape Town!

Auctions, raffles, socializing, meet n greet, pics with the band and the AWESOME SOUNDCHECK (where they also displayed the flag we made for them :slight_smile: )…wow, u just had to be there! The organizers, staff, everyone who made the summit possible, A BIG THANK YOU!!! N to Adam, that dude is super friendly, super helpful and super cool! We really appreciate all ur efforts!

The Cape Town show (unfortunately I was unable to stay for that) but the reviews from my fellow soldiers…MORE THAN EPIC!!! Followed by the Johannesburg show…now that was something really special! Cant even describe what it felt like. Mike and Chester really took it all in and shared in our emotions, that was truly amazing!

I want to end off with some words which i have shared with my fellow soldiers and Im sure everyone else can relate to:

"Through ur music u inspire us and through u we grow! Ur music is shared in times of happiness. Ur music brings us out of the dark in times of sorrow. This is the impact that has branded each and every one of us! We are proud to be a part of the LP family. We thank you for taking the time and travelling the distance to honour us with ur music and keep our spirits alive! This is a moment we will always cherish, today, tomorrow, forever!

Much Love!


This is just the truth. LP soldiers around the whole world have one common reason to follow their own lifes: the music, LP songs. We’re really proud and thankful to this wonderfull band that make us vibrate with every direct! =D THANK YOU SO MUCH!