Thank you LP Underground


I just wanted share the wonderful friendship I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with all thanks to the LPU.
I have just received this gorgeous handmade book from @zenataylor. It is filled with amazing photos of LP, most of which we send to each other as we find them on the internet.
We have never met and don’t even live in the same country but I consider her a friend. We were fortunate enough to strike up a conversation after the last LP tour of OZ & NZ. She has been such an amazing support and I can’t even imagine the last 5 + months with out her :heart:
Thanks LPU for bringing @zenataylor into my life xx


I love this community. After I was lucky enough to see Linkin Park live in Auckland I wanted to chat to other fans about their experiences of seeing concerts & of meeting the band. One person in particular responded to my request for stories about LP, & we clicked. We have been in contact ever since, & since. These last 5 months have been very difficult, but it has been a blessing to have moocho to talk to, vent to & to understand how I’m feeling.
Through LPU, I found a person who I have a strong connection with & who I can count on to be there when I need her.
Thank you LPU for being such an incredible community & thank you moocho for everything.