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Linkin Park is the best band ever I’ve known, indeed. Since Chester took his life on July 20th, I’ve been taking mixed feelings. I can’t say how well I know Linkin Park. But I’m sure Linkin Park has definitely influenced my life, for the better.
I’ve been working on an article about what’s been on my mind these days. It’s titled Best Band Ever. I’d like to share it with you. I should be done in several days.
I’ve never been to a LP concert or purchased an LPU bundle. I’m pretty busy with my studies now, because next year is the college admission test, which is a major one. But for certain I will get an LPU membership when I gain independence of my own life. That’s when I finish high school and enter college. And watching an LP live show has always been my dream, which is yet to come true but surely will.
Lastly, LPU is a big and warm family. I’ve felt so moved and cheerful in here. I want to send my love and appreciation to all the LP soldiers. Linkin Park’s fans are the best in the world, Chester always said. And this proves absolutely right. I’m happy to be one of this big family. To make Chester and myself proud, I’ll put my concentrated effort in my studies and later on, job, if not, career. And my little dream of seeing a LP show will come true, I believe.


Same here… :smile:

Yeah!do it! I’m curious about it…

Thank you!! You also are a member of this beautiful family! :rofl: :sun_with_face: and so welcome since I din’t talk with you before, so I guess you’re new? :sun_with_face:

Wish you the best for your future! :rofl: see you around here!


Yes you are right about linkin park being the best band ever. When chester passed away it broke my heart it hurt me so much. I have naver been to a live show or meat chester and the band. But. I keep hem in my heart forever


Not new. I joined months ago. I’m not so active, though.


Ok! Then… nice to meet you! :smile:


Sounds awesome welcome to lpu


Well it seems that I’ve been so tied up with schoolwork that I can’t spare time for my article. It may take another few days before I am done. Sorry.


No need to be sorry! There’s no hurry! Take your time… :wink:


Yay I’m done.
Best Band Ever
It’s been around 4 months since Chester took his life on July 20th. Over this period, my life went on as usual, although I had mixed feelings inside of me on seeing Linkin Park stuff. I can’t tell if I’ve been over the heartbreak. But one thing is for sure: I watched LP’s tribute concert in honor of Chester Bennington, which proved very moving and almost brought me into tears.
It’s a pretty long video, which I got down with for two weeks. They opened with a soft tune of Robot Boy, switching to other songs one after another. After playing 4 LP’ gentle songs, they began to do songs with guests. They did a fairly good performance, though incomparable to Chester’s voice. But we can’t demand too much of them after all. It should be appreciated that they made it to the concert, celebrating life in honor of Chester. At the end of the concert, they closed with Bleed It Out, cut in from time to time with a short piece of The Messenger, along with all the guests and the audience. At the curtain call, Mike and his dudes gave thanks, the audience cheering and shouting “Linkin Park”.
I couldn’t see how emotional I was in the wake of the video. In the past 4 months, people all over the world have gaped and grieved, mourning Chester’s passing and sending condolences to his brothets and family. I can tell this from recent comments on LP’s songs. LPers expressed their sadness in various ways. " Optimus Prime come save Chester!" “Badly sung. Come back and sing once over!” Clearly they hoped to get Chestwr back if futile.
And Mike seemed rather upset during this time. It was justified, though, sinxe Chester meant so much to him. They kept each other company along the way. Who could. have expected and come to terms with this major loss? He wasn’t, however, drowned in sorrow endlessly. He managed to stay strong. Days after Jul. 20th, Mike tweeted The Messenger, which would soothe his fans. Later, he created a hashtag #MakeChesterProud, which fans used to share their sweet memories, acknowledgement and reassurance. Everyone refused to be defeated by demons. Instead, they held up brilliant lights to chase them off. An uplifting atmosphere embraced Twitter.
Mike’s grin, too, has never failed. At the tribute show, he was sad only for a short while, and he kept cheerful for the rest time. His strength and beam intrigued all the audience. No one would be able to resist it. At the AMA, he still remained smiling, saying words of thanks.
Chester said, “Our fans are the best in the world.” He was, for certain, absolutely right. Meanwhile, I have never doubted that Linkin Park is the best band ever, at least for me. They have never disappointed. They’ll always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m always willing to leave space on the inside for these adorable guys.