Thanks to the guys who make it happen


People ask why it has been taking so long to post pictures from the meet and greets on this years tour.

Well because like Linkin Park, these guys are on tour too. They’re Going across the country(s) and taking pictures, a lot of pictures, of everything from the band, to us, to us with the band, to setting up the meet and greets to make them possible. Patience is something most people don’t have anymore, we live in a time of “NOW.” I got to meet the band, talk to them, and get a picture with them. I’m grateful for it all, and especially grateful for the guys who put it all together. I’ve been checking to see if Noblesville photos are up but they aren’t. I know they’ll be up so why be so impatient when i was physcially there? I understand excitement. I’m sure we all do (obviously.) Just remember to recognize what the guys of the Underground are doing and how much work they have to do as well. I didn’t physically get to thank them but this will be as good as it gets. (Until next time hopefully) But thanks to everyone who made the website, meet and greets, and basically, the band, possible. Dreams came true because of them and if i have to wait one, two, three, maybe four weeks for pictures, so be it.

Once again I thank the guys behind the scenes. Sometimes you don’t get enough or the right recognition you deserve. :slight_smile: