That inferior feeling - honey8


I have written this 2 days ago…posting now…sry for getting late :slight_smile:

Once again I stand alone
With no one of my own
Just a chilled bad breeze
Of cold words the spoke

The words which were false tried
To make me pretend someone else
They were unfamiliar with the truth
That i am a selcouth

They say I am paranoid
And just left me devoid
Led me to silent sinking
With just this empty feeling

I tried to pretend what I am not
But there was nothing that I got
They kept on speaking cold words
Pushing me deep in my fears

And that inferior feeling
Had made itself feel like home
Taking away my strength
Leaving weakness in my soul

So here I am standing alone
Alone just about to faint
Don’t know how to fight for right
With this empty strength

But then something strange happened
The surroundings lighten up…
My instincts told me something fun
“There’s a valley in front, lets go and run!”

Of course no one wants to die
Asking me? Yea i am the same
I wanna live my life my way
Well, don’t want money or fame

Cause I know ain’t not so great
Just being a bit feisty
And I won’t die unless I live
My dream life and make a story

Now I am happy that inferior feeling
Has made it feel like home
Cause that feeling and my past
Give me strength to live alone

I’m proud of what I’ve done
And promised to never look back
It made me who I am
And for this I won’t regret

That regret feeling is worser
It doesn’t teaches us anything
Just gives a luxurious car
And takes you to the pain…never ending.

Life’s cocktail of different feelings
Each feeling with different flavour
Let the tasty ones flow into your life
And savour this essence forever…!!

Hope you guys like it!


You’re a true bard. You’re very good at ballads actually. Liked this one :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @NickGr… you too are a great writer :slight_smile::blush:…i literally mean it !!!:wink:


Sorry forgot something…lol…
Forgot to tag.:sweat_smile:


Very good my favourite part is the final 4 lines


Beautiful! You’ve got a gift :smiley:


Even mine…i was thinking long how to end…thnx a lot :slight_smile:


@gatsie this isnt a gift …its an ispiration from you all…from the whole band . Thnx to everyone. I just tried to write something☺


Oh my… You’re really good at ballads! Excellent! :grinning:

Keep up the good work :sunglasses:


Thanks @NoireXJasper that gif os so cute😊


It is beautiful! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


AWESOME XD beautiful love it


thnx :slight_smile: