The Ace Masters, Linkin Park/Fort Minor/Dead By Sunrise Challenge


So after the release of Heavy from the up coming album One More Light, I took the title of the song and wrote my own version of the song…

Now I am going to up the ante

I am going to ask you lot to take one Linkin Park song from each of the studio albums and I will attempt to write my own lyrics to that song title

It won’t be the same nor will it have the same flow nor the same lyrics in any way, just need to challenge myself

So thats one song title from:
Hybrid Theory
Minutes To Midnight
A Thousand Suns
Living Things
The Hunting Party



Ummmm, rewrite SIB.


Somewhere I Belong
No Roads Left (I will let you have that one)
Wretches And Kings
Lies Greed Misery
All For Nothing


I have to pick for all of them? You’re going to end up rewriting the entire discography with all the other seggestions. But if you say so:

No roads left
Wretches and kings
Lies greed misery
All for nothing


I will pick the best selection!


Mmm… I feel dumb
So you want us to pick up 6 songs from LP for you to write with the same title? Or we should write?
Dumby-dumby me :joy:


He’s picking the best set to rewrire.


So @NickGr
I want you to pick 6 Linkin Park song titles
One from every album
I will then pick the best selection and attempt to write a song with the same title


By Myself
Breaking The Habit
What I’ve Done
When They Come For Me
A Line In The Sand


Thank you @the_termin8r and @acemasters!
In The End
Breaking The Habit
Hands Held High
The Requiem
Roads Untraveled
Final Masquerade


I just thought I should ask this question on behalf of those who haven’t posted yet but can the same song be suggested by multiple people @acemasters ?


yes! its whatever six songs (one from every album) they want


In the End
Somewhere I belong
What I’ve Done
Lost in the Echo
Final Masquerade


From the Inside
Hands Held High
Lost in the Echo
Waiting for the End
A Line in the Sand

Wouldt be cool you rewrite it


Yeh im excited for this one

writing process has already begun…
but still accepting enteries gonna write as many as i can and see which sounds best



Writing process is coming along

I have two songs already complete


Just note that these are not fantastic
No.3 is in process

hoping to have it done for the end of the month


Song 4 I am finding hard to start…actually don’t know where to start…
Don’t want to give away what list I am doing, but this is a challenge



I failed this challenge
The list I did
Done 1, 2, 3, 5 doing 6
Number 4 evaded me so badly no matter what I wrote just made no sense
I still don’t know how to do know how to start it or even how to write about

I will be revealing whos list I done and will be looking into doing more on other list too because some are just tooooooo good to pass up…


Hmm, I fancy a shot at the song that killed you when you reveal the list, I’ll probably butcher it completely but I want to see what will happen.