The acronym game





Taking this lol

All allways run around nonstop


( and btw @aaran :hugs::tada: grats for your diploma :tada::tada: )


Thank you! One more exam to go though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:It could all go wrong :joy:


No, :stuck_out_tongue: I cannot belive you on this, I know you’re best prepared my dear friend - take a powerhug :muscle:t2::hugs: and HHH - all will be EXCELLENT :tada:


Context: somebody announcing an offer:
New ostriches! Ninety six! Take out properly.



Try again guy!! :joy:



:joy: :joy: I was thinking in The Acronym Game, but yours is best jaja

Obey pigs, pugs, onions, rats, turtles, unicorns, noobs, imbeciles, tarantulas; ignore existential stuffs.



Why did you blur out imbeciles? It’s not a swear word.


It’s considered a bad word here.


Here it’s about as mild as calling someone an idiot. They don’t even censor it before the watershed on tv here.


It’s almost the same here… At least for me it’s just another word like the Spanish version of f*ck (chingar.)


So, Tell Everyone Like Literally All



This experimental era never asked Google Earth, right?



“Things hate outing understood?” Get humans talking

It makes no sense :thinking:lol with it



Unicorns never dare estimate rice since they all never die (special for @lpfan61 and @IronSoldier16 )



My favorite reply so far! Congratulations for that! :tada: :tada: however I will keep eating them :wink:

Eating some things I must await the end.



Huh?! :fearful: I am not doing that! So long!

Under new crime ending research explained many other notable information, our understand same low … yea :joy:



Insiders now find other members as they inform over notification …



In new situations I don’t engage real smalltalk…(I tried! Haha)



Please offer ketchup each month once needed