The Android App


Hi, just a quick query.

Is there any link button for this Forum in the LPU android app?

Thanks guys


As far as I know there isn’t an app, they tried making one back in 11 but it had too many issues.


And before the platform change they’ve promised us an official app


maybe any of you guys here could help them to create one for us? Ive been knowing you guys for a while now, and all i see is creativeness in all soldiers here :slight_smile:


i’m not a programmer at all…


There isn’t an official app, but on android if you go to the website on the Google Chrome app and click the three dots at the top there should be an option that says add to home screen. That makes it like an app. That’s what I use.


There is a forum app. It’s not officially “Linkin Park” branded, but it’s for all Discourse forums in general. It’s available on iOS and Android


Thx… I did that, very useful :thumbsup:


Awesome, glad I could help.


Not compatible :frowning:


Nvm I can do it this way:


They have it, dunno if its official or not.


It’s official, but outdated and I believe broken. I think it’s from 2 site providers ago