The badge from my profile


Hi!! Im here just to ask you a question. I have been here for nearly a month, and Im a LPU XIV member too (I have paid for it and I have my external codes)… But I don’t have my badge in my forum profile. Do you know what can I do? :sunny:


in my opinion, to get a badge you can try to share a topic on twitter or facebook, you can edit your topic, and provide ‘like’ on your friend commented… :wink:


there are two ways of seeing your obtained badges, they show are shown if you click on your icon in any Topic, second: You click on the lines beneath your icon in the right upper corner. IMO it depends on the trust level, what is allowed or not for an lpu user good luck

OT tried to put a screenshot into this post but didn´t managed it @gatsie HEEELLP! You´re my computer mentor, teacher, hugger etc, ya know sure how it works, won´t you? Everytime I fill in a .gif I think of you, and thats oftn…


Click here you can see all the badges you’ve earned.


Thank u so much!! Now I see it ^^ but yesterday I didnt… Dont relly know why.
BTW, “external codes” is just showed if there’s a code avaliable, nope??





You mean like this?

Goto profile:

Goto badges:

View your badges

To answer your question about sharing printscreen images:

Press the prt scr button on your keyboard and in the reply field, press ctrl v. Allow the image to load and viola, printscreen image is viewable for all. Hope that helps :smile: