The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Hey guys,
Most of you don’t know me but I have been a long time LPU member and just returned this year. A bit about me:

My name is Will, I’m from New York and nearing my thirties. I listened to LP for a bit over a decade now. The band really helped me through my own problems. Being an introverted person, it helped me open to other people and make friends this way. I also thank LP for giving me the will to find a hobby which I thought I wouldn’t have been able to, write lyrics and make music.

I have been writing since late 2013 and even recorded some stuff. I touch certain subjects like Mental Illness, Purpose, Trends, etc. And since then I guess you can think of me as a “deep thinker”. What I write is 95% Rap lines, but I have been told I have a good voice and should try towards a more “rock flavored” kind of thing.

I have done about 6 Mixtapes and have shared them with friends and family, so I thought I might go out of the way and share them with you guys. If I get a good reception, I think I will be sharing each one of my songs one a day. So let’s get started shall we?

The first song that I want to show was on my 2nd mixtape called “Sane Asylum”, the track’s name is “Myth”. It has gotten a few of my friends thinking, so maybe I can spark that light bulb on you guys also. Below are the lyrics and a link to hear the song. Thanks for taking the time to read!


All I do, say, feel
Feels like an ordeal
As eventually it will reveal
That they will be long gone in the snap of a finger
Memories kept alive by those that we met, they linger
Once they are also long gone
The world as we know it will move on
As our times will be forgone
Lost in eternity
Won’t even be remembered by your fraternity
Because of the modernity
Were we ever really alive?
Did we ever even arrive?
It seems useless to thrive
Born and trying to adjust
All back to specs of dust
Doesn’t it just seem so unjust?
Leaving behind everything that you grew with
Now, at the end just a myth
Leaving behind all pith
Even if you enjoy
You’re in for a long ride little boy
or girl, Even if you hate it and out to destroy
The ending is the same, it’s very own little toy
Sometimes it may annoy
That you are just a decoy
Does it even really matter?
That feelings, love and many things will shatter?
That in the end you will scatter?
Its a deep thought
After you’re gone it may be a different plot
Its an idea that many cannot
As it slowly crept
While many of you happily slept
What can I do while I exist?
Of what must it consist
In order to start to coexist?
Can I be a part of history?
Or will I always remain a mystery?
Tough choice with all this trickery
Passing on of genes
To create more enslaved machines
It needs to stop, by all means

When it all starts to feel weird
Its completely different than what it initially appeared
Becoming more of something that I feared
I can’t believe we all volunteered
For this experiment, with our heads cleared
That all we loved and revered
In the end, they finally disappeared
Since gaining a sense of knowing
The intuition and curiosity keeps growing
At such a fast rate without slowing
Oh what to do with it?
Just stand still and quit?
Or just write the next number one hit?
Its senseless
It leaves me defenseless
Often breathless
Like a headless
Why are we stricken?
As the plot surely starts to thicken
All I do, say, feel
Feels like an ordeal
As eventually it will reveal
That we aren’t guaranteed
With true purpose to succeed
In what seems to be a dire need
To breed
Into the wrong deed
Because we don’t question greed
I guess we have to make the most
Out of life, before we become toast
And go back to the original source host
I want out of this rollercoaster ride
Too many ups and downs in one stride
Thats what I personally feel inside
Were we ever meant to be?
Are our eyes supposed to see?
I just wanna be set free
No matter the actions
Or interactions
They are still overall distractions
We’re born alone
Same fate once were fully grown
Even though we are skin and bone
As we all end up in dirt
No more hurt
Just nothing in the end
No beliefs or anything to defend
Something everybody can understand


Let’s keep Tally of all the songs here:

Here’s a list of ALL songs recorded through 6 mixtapes:

Where Do I Go? It’s ALL a Show!
1- Busy Days
2- Peace?
3- Routine 9 to 5
4- Arrogance
5- Alone
6- Anxiety
7- Another Year
8- No Sense
9- Real?
10- Answers
11- Sane Mind
12- Simple Beauty
13- Ignorance
14- Preach
15- Let Me Be

Sane Asylum
1- Dysfunction
2- Clueless
3- Myth
4- Existence
5- Riches
6- Layers
7- Mainstream
8- Pinnacle
9- Profecia*
10- Mine Sweeper
11- Lost Souls
12- Cuento de Ada*
13- October Nine
14- Routes
15- Dn7 L57n 2 Th5 (Metal Gear Solid 2)

Let’s Take This Back to Poetry
1- Valentine’s Day
2- Just Move On
3- Chain Letter
4- Checkmate
5- Purpura*
6- Deep Dark Web (HT)

Memes & Themes
1- Fulton
2- Memes & Themes
3- I Don’t Blame You
4- Nothingness
5- Mainstream Pt. Deux
6- Temptress
7- Same Old Story (Rinse & Repeat)
8- Change of Lifestyle
9- Afraid
10- Marea Al Viento
11- Thirty Three
12- Emptiness/Vacio*
13- Insane/Empty Mind
14- B0rdr’5 X’d
15- L3ff3r75 (HT)

1- Time
2- Do I Need to Say More?
3- Cloak
4- Follow
5- Animal
6- Mask
7- The Biggest Stage
8- Deception
9- M@ch1n3
10- Conclusion
11- Grind
12- Troll
13- N-Flu-Nce
14- Child
15- The Road
16- Farewell

From the Darkness to the Light… And Vice Versa
1- Intro
2- Questions
3- Generic Love Song
4- Newborn
5- Introvert
6- Drank from the Wrong Cup
7- Conspiracy
8- Just a Deck of Cards
9- The Game
10- Losing It
11- Aqua/Pink-Red
12- Curve
13- Grey
14- Sk17
15- P@r@n01@
16- Elixir
17- Old
18- Moments & Memories
19- Contrast/O
20- Distractions
21- Cambio Necesario (HT) *

  • = Song in Spanish
    (HT) = Hidden Track
    Italicized = Just sounds
    Bold = Shared

My greatest fear just got worse
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Keep sharing! I’m a big fan of your work :slight_smile:


Nice lyrics!! Keep it up! :smile: :sun_with_face:


Thanks guys! If you haven’t listened, it is hyperlinked to where it says “Myth” at the bottom or I can just link you to my soundcloud!


Awesome man, your words are always welcomed!


Wow! You’re so good at singing! :smile: I like your piece soooo much! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: so glad that you shared with us!! :sun_with_face: keep doing it! :sun_with_face:


You have a good voice great Lyrics


I love your lyrics - they are amazing! Wow!


Thank you all for your kind words. It really brings a smile to my face :smiley:


The next song, I haven’t released on my Soundcloud as I ran out of time on my page, so I kept it between my close circle of friends. The song is called “Mask” and it’s on my RH- (5th) mixtape (RH- is a Blood type). The song mainly talks about how many of us are molded into being the person we are by picking up memes thrown out by what’s popular in society. Without further a due, Mask:

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
As I grow older
These words couldn’t be any bolder
Since we are a minor
We are designed to follow the finer
Things in life, but this is not true, you must be a miner
In order to find gold
In this cold
World, we go by what we’re told
We buy the idea that we’re sold
As children these ideas mold
The future circumstances that unfold
We define beauty by the way we appear
It’s more than clear
That to these beliefs we adhere
Pretty or handsome face
Is all that’s needed to showcase
It’s what we embrace
Its the set regulation
From nation to nation
But, it only has a limited duration
We start to age
Reaching a mature stage
Showing signs of wear, the outrage!
People go under the knife, incision
To try to look perfect, like actors from television
It’s this division
That shows their insecurity
They never reached a point of maturity
Losing their body’s purity
The definition
Is on a mission
To change a person’s physical condition
Inside, their own being is in remission
No admission
They just go by words of a beautician
Do this, do that
Be a doormat
Let’s give you a pat
On the back
For being one of the pack
Because now, it’s your essence you lack
It gets even worse, in this digital age
Where social media is all the rage
Stop, memes and themes reference on this page
Where it’s the attention people crave
That drives them to behave
An egotistical way, til their grave
Similar brain wave
They become a slave
To the idea of beauty that they engrave
Way to the fake
It’s on an outbreak
It’s now a task
For people to wear this mask
It is their bask

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
As I grow older
These words couldn’t be any bolder
We forget to grow
Our complexion, in order to put on a show
Or look good for that photo
Even flow
We don’t know
We lost our essence long ago
Copies of a societal perception
We want the definition of the societal perfection
But tease, shame and talk down on our reflection
It becomes worse
Achieving it becomes perverse
It feels like a curse
But after years, we can’t modify
This perception, its embedded, so why try?
But these words hit the bull’s eye
Has become an abnormality
In a world that thrives on sexuality
Beauty tied in with sex
Come on baby, send me that text
We’ve become nothing more than objects
It’s not complex
We are the subjects
Now we see the stagnant effects
We’ve been given the definition
Now the effects are in full fruition
This in turn has blurred our composition
Beauty is the taste
That’s gone to waste
On a perception that’s been misplaced
Way to the fake
It’s on an outbreak
It’s now a task
For people to wear this mask
It is their bask


Just amazing. I always very much relate to your thoughts


Great minds think alike my friend. Glad you liked it!


Well, there go 2 tracks from 2 different mixtapes. This next one is from my last mixtape. This one is called “Losing It” from my 6th mixtape “From the Darkness to Light… and Vice Versa”. The song talks about how (I) as a child already had ideas of what I wanted my adult life to look like, but unfortunately that changed due to an “awakening”. I use a recent speech as a sample for the intro. It is a speech Jim Carrey made recently. Enjoy guys!

Losing It MP3:


I’m afraid
That one day my mind will fade
To a bitter facade
A facade that will leave me without sense
It’s just a harsh consequence
Of leaning on the rusty fence
That holds me back to this place
Even though the grass is greener if I leave no trace
But it’s still a race
On this track
A matter of this cold black
That can overtake me completely if I slack
Why’s it have to be this way?
Be this way?
Day to day
I seem to pay
With my sanity, I’m losing it
There’s just no confusing it
It’s been a good while I’ve been abusing it
All this damage that I’ve inflicted
All the ideas that I’ve conflicted
All the shit I’ve kept locked up and constricted
It’s all amassed
Time to me is moving pretty fast
When will I find peace at last?
To help me ease
The state of deterioration, please
On my knees
I beg forgiveness
Because I bare witness
To things that are none of my business
The more questions
The more suggestions
The bitter ingestion
Of sweet, yet sour
Answers, that devour
My perfect idea of the world at every hour
Little by little burning away
The tree I planted on a young summer day
Tree of a set life, an idea, burned to ash grey
But all in all
I’m losing it, my sanity, I’m starting to fall
Because of this wake up call
I am not one to judge
Or one to hold a grudge
On ways that I’ve tried to dodge
But it’s time to just let them be
All seeing eye, do you truly see?
It’s just the way the people feel free
Free and alive
On this essence they thrive
While I’m taking a dive
Through the darkest of pits
Because of my unsatisfied wits
Are they curses or are they gifts?
I’m just losing it
There’s just no confusing it
It’s been a good while I’ve been abusing it

Then cultivating
Certain aspects of life that begin isolating
All alone and no one to help on this trip
No helping hand to get a grip
Just nothing playing without a skip
No thoughts
As the mind rots
The vegetation separated from their pots
No longer using the soil
To cause turmoil
But away from it, so it can spoil
No longer feeding off its host
It’s already too late to be diagnosed
Leaving one in agony like a ghost
Is it oh so bad to not live like the most?
No direction and just being
Just being in the moment can be freeing
If you just let your mind do the fleeing
It’s just best to let it be
This way, you become the tree
Full of life and inanimate, carefree
This does cause a scare
Because I honestly don’t know if I would be able to bare
There just isn’t any repair
Or going back
To being one of the pack
It’s all or nothing, jack
Everything happens for a reason
I’m just meant for mental treason
Others are just meant to enjoy the season
Without a question or concern
It’s definitely not their turn
Living life and letting the fire burn
All seeing eye, do you truly see?
It’s just the way the people feel free
Free and alive
On this essence they thrive
While I’m taking a dive
Through the darkest of pits
Because of my unsatisfied wits
Are they curses or are they gifts?
I’m just losing it
There’s just no confusing it
It’s been a good while I’ve been abusing it


As a bonus, I threw in a bit of my “art” and photo I did for the cover of my last mixtape lol.


And another… This one is from my 3rd Mixtape “Let’s Take This Back to Poetry” It’s called “Just Move On”. It’s Meaning is to overcoming your fears and just doing it basically. Here’s the song on Soundcloud:


Just move on
Face your deepest fears and become so strong
I know it may take long
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade
Don’t stay in the darkest of shade
Work on yourself, don’t get stuck in the facade
Take my advice
Take risks in life, roll the dice
But, don’t fall into the wrong things cuz, you’ll pay the price
There’s plenty of fish in the sea
I’m sure there’s one out there that likes the way you be
Common interests is key
There’s just so much you can do
You just need to find your breakthrough
Move on, leave it all behind
You need to unwind
It’s time to show the world you’re one of a kind
Everyone is in a hurry but they don’t know where they’re going
Wondering if it’s enough of what their showing
Instead of restoring
Forgotten dreams
Exploring themes
Creating new scenes
It’s all about decision
Avoiding a head on collision
Executing everything with complete precision
Sometimes things don’t go your way
They don’t know why it failed or what to say
But best to suck it up and just play
With books, words or with a pen
Reach as high as the wisest of men
It’s time to move on
There’s so much you can do before you’re gone
Don’t waste time, it’s now or never
Be clever
Before you’re stuck in this situation forever
Heart broken
Give me your attention, be all ears and let it soak in
First they laugh at you
Then they ignore you
Then they fight you
Then you win
As your world takes a spin
Come out with the biggest of grins
Two wrongs don’t make a right
Make your future look bright
The dog is all bark but no bite

Just move on
Face your deepest fears and become so strong
I know it may take long
It’s time to stop the downward spiral
Before it goes viral
And fights for its survival
Be - don’t try to become
Don’t play dumb
It is a better outcome
There’s a whole road ahead
Don’t let the past start to dread
Those things now are just better left unsaid
Find meaning
Your soul needs cleaning
Let out what you are feeling
Change the page
Start to engage
The showlight is on you and your on the stage
Wow the crowd
Be yourself and really loud
Dont be held back by any setbacks, be proud
This is YOU
Came out of the blue
So just stay true
Just move on
Face your deepest fears and become so strong
I know it may take long
Just move on…


Deep thoughts here…my favourite of your songs… :smile: keep it up!


Glad your liking the songs man! Thank you for your kind words, there MORE from where that came from lol :stuck_out_tongue:


These lines above are actually quoted from Mahatma Gandhi. Not sure if anyone knew. Some of my songs are actually have some quotes and they are worked on through my perspective.


What a great song


Glad you like it. Happy I’m getting good reception from my LP peeps :smiley: