The beauty of an ever questioning mind


That’s great, phone recording is fine! Most of your vocal recordings are from a phone right?


I use a webcam mic xD. The Box link I just posted is on phone lol. At the moment I don’t have a computer, but will have access on the weekend. I can do both if you like. I “should” be rehearsing it for the first time tomorrow.


Heey 20 minutes for a shower is too much! :laughing: :joy: :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Anyway I listened to it…not bad… maybe next time record a proper song… :sweat_smile: buut keep it going! :grin:


I see. Just use whatever mic is best for you :+1:

Is it? :sweat_smile:


@lpfan61 Sure, I should plan an LP cover for my next mixtape, though gotta find which suits my voice best xD. I really got into the shower singing blame the showers hot water :stuck_out_tongue:

@rickvanmeijel awesome man. Thanks for this! I am currently looking at the vid you posted from the other thread, you are onto the right things. They deceive us.


In case anyone is interested in downloading all my mixtapes (1-6), here are the download links directly to them:

Where Do I Go? It’s All a Show!:

Sane Asylum:

Lets Take This Back to Poetry:

Memes & Themes:


From the Darkness to the Light… And Vice Versa:

Some of the names I used for the mixtapes are very deep, I can explain why. Basically, they all relate to the state I was in when diving through the depths of my mind and understanding what it all is.

Where Do I Go? being my first meaning, I know that we are being lied to, but I don’t have any real escape, so I have to seek answers.

Sane Asylum. basically everyone is following a set of rules and checklists to have a “happy” life, meanwhile they don’t realize that they are identical in many aspects to others, as a means to fit in.

Lets Take This, this was “off-cannon” so to speak, as I felt Rap at one point was more poetic, now its mumbles and crazy beats.

Memes & Themes, generally what Sane Asylum is, just the many themes that are thrown out to people and they accept it without question.

RH-, During this period, I found out I have O- blood, one of the rarest and can be a donor to ANY blood type. 15% of the worl’d population has a negative blood type, but its sources seem to remain unknown. Unlike its RH+ counterpart, it lacks the monkey protein…

From the Darkness to the Light, basically at this point my insanity has gone haywire, but in the end, the light conquers the darkness and I have decided to be a service to others person. There is no point in fighting it any longer, I must leave my old ways behind and “kill” my old self to give way to my new and “better” version.


Wow!I have the complete albums now! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: thank youu! :blush:


You are very welcome. Enjoy! :smiley: