The beauty of an ever questioning mind


That’s great, phone recording is fine! Most of your vocal recordings are from a phone right?


I use a webcam mic xD. The Box link I just posted is on phone lol. At the moment I don’t have a computer, but will have access on the weekend. I can do both if you like. I “should” be rehearsing it for the first time tomorrow.


Heey 20 minutes for a shower is too much! :laughing: :joy: :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Anyway I listened to it…not bad… maybe next time record a proper song… :sweat_smile: buut keep it going! :grin:


I see. Just use whatever mic is best for you :+1:

Is it? :sweat_smile:


@lpfan61 Sure, I should plan an LP cover for my next mixtape, though gotta find which suits my voice best xD. I really got into the shower singing blame the showers hot water :stuck_out_tongue:

@rickvanmeijel awesome man. Thanks for this! I am currently looking at the vid you posted from the other thread, you are onto the right things. They deceive us.


In case anyone is interested in downloading all my mixtapes (1-6), here are the download links directly to them:

Where Do I Go? It’s All a Show!:

Sane Asylum:

Lets Take This Back to Poetry:

Memes & Themes:


From the Darkness to the Light… And Vice Versa:

Some of the names I used for the mixtapes are very deep, I can explain why. Basically, they all relate to the state I was in when diving through the depths of my mind and understanding what it all is.

Where Do I Go? being my first meaning, I know that we are being lied to, but I don’t have any real escape, so I have to seek answers.

Sane Asylum. basically everyone is following a set of rules and checklists to have a “happy” life, meanwhile they don’t realize that they are identical in many aspects to others, as a means to fit in.

Lets Take This, this was “off-cannon” so to speak, as I felt Rap at one point was more poetic, now its mumbles and crazy beats.

Memes & Themes, generally what Sane Asylum is, just the many themes that are thrown out to people and they accept it without question.

RH-, During this period, I found out I have O- blood, one of the rarest and can be a donor to ANY blood type. 15% of the worl’d population has a negative blood type, but its sources seem to remain unknown. Unlike its RH+ counterpart, it lacks the monkey protein…

From the Darkness to the Light, basically at this point my insanity has gone haywire, but in the end, the light conquers the darkness and I have decided to be a service to others person. There is no point in fighting it any longer, I must leave my old ways behind and “kill” my old self to give way to my new and “better” version.


Wow!I have the complete albums now! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: thank youu! :blush:


You are very welcome. Enjoy! :smiley:


Would anyone like me to post lyrics of my “earliest” writing (well, the better ones) spanning back to 2013, when I was just starting? Though none of these were ever recorded.

I recently moved and along with that I was able to acquire my studio computer and have some files of some covers I did, along with unfinished works. This is where the “In Pieces” cover I did comes from. What I found were…

1- Snuff (Slipknot Cover)
2- You Know You’re Right (Nirvana Cover)
3- In Between (LP Cover)
4- Same Old Story (Original Demo) *A lot of stuttering as this was mid-2014 and I was just
“attempting” to gather a “flow”, different instrumental.
5- A friend doing a 1 min freestyle (In Spanish) on Remember the Name
6- “Listen To Your Heart” a song by a cousin of mine which I forgot he recorded lol.


Yeah, me!! want to read! :blush:


I’m curious what this sounds like :grin:


@lpfan61 I will post one momentarily lol.

@rickvanmeijel It sounds weird, he forgets to say a few things meanwhile he is thinking xD. I’ve had a long weekend along with me screaming my throat out (while almost drunk) lol. So, I wasn’t able to record anything this week either cuz… I lost my voice :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:


This song was probably written back in late 2013/early 2014. It is about a girl from the LPU, which I met at the 6th LPU Summit back in 2012. We chatted here for a while and such, and she also made my day, that very day. Gave me a big old hug and that would be the last time I ever saw her lol. So I wrote this about her, its called “Mesmerized”. She really captivated me to inspire me ;), also there may be some spelling mistakes here and there as I didn’t really bother back in the day checking my spelling lol.

When I met you I was mesmerized by your appeal
Moving on to such a long time I wonder why I didn’t tell you how I feel
I kept asking myself, could this be real?
When at times I didn’t have anyone to talk to
You were there for me
Waiting for me
But yet I was too blind to see
And making me feel good about myself
I guess, I just never realized if they were hints
Or just random comments on you calling me your “soul twin”
Sometimes you just don’t know what’s on the other side
But you proved to me that there’s a world of boundaries unfortunately
Nowadays I don’t even know where you are
Its been over a year now since I’ve even heard your sweet voice
Maybe if I would have made up my mind, I would have made the right choice
I’d just love an indication to know your ok.
And maybe then I’d man up and know what to say
But I guess its a distance issue, knowing your so far away
Out of my immediate reach
I ask myself “why does life have to be such a beach”?
You were out of the ordinary
You talking to me made me feel extraordinary
I want more of a taste of that feeling
Maybe I can do the same, and you catch me stealing
Your heart
Cause that’s all I guess I really wanted from the start

But at times I think back to it all
I didn’t take the risk and how my plans eventually did fall
I wish I would have gotten your number so I can call
But those are the what if’s? Of life
Now I have to wonder “what could have been?”
All I ask is to see you once more
Maybe even tell you a confession once and for all
The days gone by and I still wonder
Where’s she gone?
I still have this feeling for you
But I myself don’t know if it will ever come true
Feelings like these come only a few
You left me here mesmerized on my knees
I would have loved to love you pretty please?
There’s not much I can do now
But let time do what it does, and let it flow
I wish I could have made this a reality a long time ago
That would have been my greatest goal
Nearly 2 years after I finally saw you, lifes taken its toll
Day by day I wish to see you once more
And maybe we can both find our what’s in store
I don’t know to lose hope or keep dreaming
I hope this love letter once you hear it finds you appealing
This is what I am truly feeling
But alas its not happened for me
But, A man can dream. Can’t he?
We will just have to wait and see…


Wow :open_mouth: :exploding_head: — — p r o c e e d i n g — —


“Mesmerized” was one of the better ones lol.

When i just started it, back in mid/late 2013, the songs were a mess, I had no ideas, until I started reflecting on myself and realizing many things, seeking answers, researching, and to the end, as I write another mixtape, I am surprised at how much I have written, how it all has a deeper connection as a whole. Because its a bit of my life, mixed in with the mental anguishes and triumphs of the mind itself. But deeper acknowledging which I lacked for nearly 30 years, myself.

As even with our own imperfections, we are perfect in the way that it ties in with the dual nature of its counterpart, perfection, which is defined by select entities that run culture of course. I am still writing my next mixtape, and in hopes of spreading the above message, along with other ideas, that may sound “insane”. I feel this time, I can finally put an ending to my lyrical writing and focus on other things I feel I must do. Like writing books, maybe psychology. Or heck, even start a band, though this requires writing lol xD.

But anyway, would anyone like to read another? I also have older songs recorded with friends through phones, where it’s features and such lol. Lemme know and God bless!


I like this quote! :smile:

Yeees! Of course :grin:

:hushed: it doesn’t mean for ever…yes? You can do the books and the lyrics/band together… :blush: :muscle: I can help reading… :laughing: :sun_with_face:


Here’s one I just read and well, the message is pretty clear. Even in these times I was talking about no fear.

Death holds the human being back from many things from what I have learned. Why not live every day like its your last? Breathe the air, do new things, its a huge world out there and possibilities are endless.

This song is “Bad Feeling About It”. And of course, I used to just write and not correct myself so there are some spelling mistakes lol.


I never asked to be born
Is this why I feel so foreign?
Day by day I dream awake
Realizing the reality I live in is just a big fake
The illusion that we are something we are not
Has been forgotten and we all forgot
Indescribable is what I feel
The neglect of everyone in this whole ordeal
Day by day I long for a better world
But nothing, these words just seem to grow old
Fears growing, wars erupting
All the opposite, as words mean nothing
How I long for the truth to unfold
How long til everyone takes off their blindfold?
To realize its all a dream and nothing is what it seems
Wanting to fall asleep to never wake up again
With all the distractions, poverty, and hatred, I ask just ask myself when?
No more dreaming, just a eternal sleep
What I wrote is pretty deep
I’m not suicidal, I’m just a critical thinker
The kind of person the Government thinks is a splinter
In there ass, cause there against everything they want to accomplish
Keeping an eye on me, and there plan I want to abolish
I don’t believe in democracy
That’s all full of hypocrisy
There all a bunch of smart and controlling thieves
Manipulating everyone and pushing there own beliefs

I’m not scared of death but when I’m gone
I want you all to not cry and hold on
What good are all those tears doing from crying
When eventually we all know were gonna be dying
Be strong don’t let the idea get you down
Think about good memories and turn that frown upside down
I’m one who has my own beliefs
I am not tricked by any of these thieves
Cuz I got a bad feeling about it
You’ll probably think I’m crazy and talking shit
But, I’ll be back in black
Wanting to get everything on the right track
But I won’t remember a damn thing
Not even the lyrics I used to sing
This is just a random song of good and bad
That’s the lyrics to it would probably drive you mad
by try to understand my words
Because I want to get all my people in herds
To understand whats going on
Especially since everyone’s been lied to and withdrawn
From the real truth of it all
Learn it before it all starts to fall…


This lyric is a bit dark, but very well written…
I feel “foreign” too sometimes…but I just let it pass cause I have my own ideas and I know it’s not easy for other people to understand this world…and I say lots of them just DON’T want to understand! They just want to be happy in what they think is happiness which usually is made of materialistic things… :confused:
Cool lyric!


Oh yes, during these times I was in a dark place also. These songs are written before I recorded my 1st mixtape. In 2013, I was suffering real bad anxiety, I was taking Xanax and Prozac and felt real bad all the time. But eventually I just left the pharma pills, and began on my “voyage” through my mind, and seeing what is in plain sight.

I definitely connect to the part where you mention that “no one would listen”, to me it was also scary times, as no one would believe me. But diving deeper through the years, it has become obvious to those around me. They are only happy they are playing a game, they don’t realize deeper that their free will is at stake. Because think about it as a game within a game, business, religion, control, that distract the person from seeing and seeking truth.

This illusion has been sold to them very well. It is hidden in sight, but no one questions why? As they just go by the rhythm, and like one of Katy perry’s songs “Chained to the Rhythm”.


Yeah!It’s what I think too! They’re chained to this rhythm and don’t want to change due to the fear of the “new and different” and because they don’t want to loose their lil happiness…but what is happiness?? (And that I’ll go asking in the other thread… :wink: )

I read somewhere and through your lyrics your story… just want to say that you’re strong enough and I’m proud and very happy to have the possibility to talk with you about these serious arguments… :hugs: