The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Close, but no “cigar” lol. I wasn’t using the Mask as the “hidden message”, though now you gave me an idea on how to approach drawing a cover for “Mask”. The Mask depicted here, is the one used for the cover of my 2nd Mixtape, Sane Asylum, I can take a picture and show you if you like xD.

As to your analyzing, I’m very impressed, you’re even picking out ones that I wasn’t even intending in putting. Though, lets see now if we can find even more than 12 xD. And now that I’m a little analytical, I notice A LOT more 3’s that I didn’t intend to make… lol. Though, those are some things you have not mentioned yet, look closer :wink:

I wasn’t intending the “thing” their to be a man with a cigar lol. But that makes more sense, as he would be “hiding” from this “scary:” mask. It was intended to be a card reader, like the ones in hotels xD.


:blush: So you’ll post another drawing?! :heart_eyes:

Sure! :smile:

Wow! thank you!! :blush: Btw as you can see it’s 30 minutes I’m analyzing your drawing… 30!! another 3!! :smile:

Oh…I saw the character from the beginning lol :laughing:

16- The wing of the snake has 3 tips
17- The # has 9 spaces in total, 3 for each line
18- There are 6 “windows” near the face
19- “While my guitar” = 3 words and 3 points after that
20- 3 rays pass for the “welcome” rectangle
21- There are 3 sentences: give in, welcome, while my guitar
22- There are 3 objects: 2 shoes and a pair of glasses
23- The rectangle of “welcome” has 3 straight sides (only one side decorated with circles)
24- There are 6 extremities: 2 hands alone + 2 hands of the long hair character + 2 feet

EDIT: I’m on fire! ( or going crazy) :joy:


Yeah you got quite a few I myself did not even notice, but the ones I noticed haven’t been mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

I think everyone has fallen asleep besides you @lpfan61 xD


:scream: Don’t say! I’ll look careful again! :muscle:

Lol :joy: :joy:

EDIT: here we go! Again! :laughing:

25- 2 x 3 = 6 + 9 = 15 -->> 1 + 5 = 6


You are getting pretty close. Here’s a big hint, look at some of the letters that were used, they hold the answer xD.

Also, you still have to think what is the name of the song :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems nobody here wants to help me find the solution!! :pleading_face: I’ll think better… :muscle::muscle::muscle:

EDIT: thanks for the hint!

26- Letter C = 3rd letter in the alphabet
Letter L = 12th letter -->> 1 + 2 = 3
Letter R = 18th letter -->> 1 + 8 = 9
Letter W = 23rd letter -->> 3 x 2 = 6


Wow @lpfan61, you got them! funny thing is, those letters ARE part of my full name xD. I have a LOT of 3’s in my life, including birthday and such. I discovered this a couple of years back. I’m a freak of nature in a way (I can tell you how). But since you were the only person to get EVERYTHING done, I have a special offer for you. I recorded this song, the name of it is “Pi”, as in π (Meaning the number of infinity). I would like to send you the lyrics AND the recording, sound good? I think its a fair gift seeing as you went all out to discover the 3’s. I’ll be waiting your answer, of course we have to get in contact directly though xD.

Edit: I’ll just give you the name of the song the drawing was intended for. It was “Thirty Three” from my RH- mixtape. Give in 2 Me is a lyric from it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: Here are pics of the mask as promised.


Yaay! :blush:

I’ll have my personal song! :blush: I’d like to have it!

:thinking: how? :sweat_smile:

Now that you posted it… I saw this mask before, maybe listening to your songs in browser…


Awesome! I’ve figured out how to just link it to you :stuck_out_tongue:

I will figure that out in a bit as to how send you the link lol.

Yes, this mask I used for my 2nd mixtape and is the Mask used for the drawing I did :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok! I’ll wait lol


@lpfan61 , you haz now clicked…

Here are the lyrics:

Splitting image of a sinner
Always trying to be the winner
Never worrying what’s for dinner
Mindset of a royal
Too important to plant on the soil
Advocating it and remaining loyal
Til the tinfoil
Hat, falls on your head and it starts to boil
Frying your brain
In a malicious chain
Of events, let me explain
What was once sane
Flew off like an airplane
Pain, pain
Because you have been called
It’s been stalled
For so long, but you’ve awakened, and like a bald
Eagle, a sharp eye
Keen observations see through the lie
And like Pi
An infinite number of possibilities arise
Irrationality looking for spies
To become one and spread the word of the wise
That’s when I come in
I’m the very idea that you summon
So let me say some verses that are mind numbin’

Do you realize the illusion that plays before your eyes, but many don’t see?
There is no you, I or me
But we are all one solemnly
You are not your body or mind
You are one of a kind
A mere piece to the 7 billion piece puzzle caught in a bind
Which has left you blind
Come on rewind
Think back to it, break the contract you signed
Symbols and letters
Riches to debtors
The debt of being clueless will upset her
The riches of materials won’t let
You see that you are their pet
Grooming you, as long as you let
Simply put it this way, they want you to forget
Slave to the unknown, don’t let it upset
Selling you dreams, so you think you’re all set
Conditions, which will never be met
Distractions, that you regret
But still abiding by the never ending bet
You don’t notice that the game
Is designed to tame
Your mind, to a single frame
A single goal
That takes a toll
On your body, because it stole
Precious energy and your soul
For the sole
Purpose, of an invented definition
That was on a mission
To divert you from the correct vision

But yet stuck in the prism
Of materialism
Inundated mannerism
The control
Will unfold
The story foretold
Of sleep
Rooted very deep
Look inside to leap
To jump out the coma
And smell the aroma
Of the divine
Let the light shine
Take out the line
That’s been the division
Of awakened vision
Precise incision
Directed to the pineal gland
For you to take a stand
And abiding by their rules, because in the grand
Scheme of things
They are cutting your wings
As the system slings
The portrayal of “right”, at your face
You need to embrace
Your true self, and stop constricting yourself to a single space


Done!!! :heart_eyes: thank youuuu! :blush:


@lpfan61 , you are very welcome, thanks for solving my puzzle ;). This track is “interesting” to say the least. Let me know what you think! This was recorded with an actual Mic, so it sounds way better than anything I have released before.


I got the lyric too!! Yaay!! :blush: thank you sooo much! I’ll listen asap and let you know what I think… :blush:


Awesome! This one will definitely be on the next mixtape, though I will see if I do a retake or not. The song features 2 speeches, and overall is very deep. Hidden messages everywhere for all to “wake up”. Also, look at the track time, was it done on purpose? :wink:


Yep, I noticed but I won’t say! Lol :grin:

EDIT: I finally listened to my personal gift-song! :blush: :heart_eyes: I’m really happy you shared it with me!! :blush: I like the lyric and the melody! And again your rapping voice is awesome! :smile:
Last sentences are really cool! :muscle:


Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it, I really liked it also.

A small update on my progress:

I have not been able to work as unfortunately it seems the video card for my PC must be defective, so I have to get a new one. The only good thing about all this is I will just start writing more and see where it leads.


A small update: I started writing another song last night. I been sick with allergies due to the changing season here. I haven’t gotten much done besides that. I also updated some lyrics with the surprise collab I did with @StephLP18

Today is an year I released my last mixtape, “From the Darkness to the Light, and Vice Versa”, it also happens to be the day I turn 30 :sweat_smile:

I will post the lyrics I edited to the song later on. Hope you guys are doing well!


So it’s your 31st birthday today!!?! :tada: Happy happy happy birthday!! :tada: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :tada:


It was great working with you

And happy birthday @Woco21