The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Thank you all, and it is actually my 30th, my 20s are now just a mere memory xD


Happy 30th birthday then! :hugs: Another 3 in your life! :smile:


Happy birthday man! :tada: :smiley:


thank you all, yes I have another 3 in my life now xD.


I thought it’s two open hearts in your avatar :joy:


Lol, it happens xD <3<3

For my birthday, I actually decided to open a couple of social media accounts and also upload the rest of the tracks (in case you don’t want to download)

Soundcloud #2


Will be adding more, time to spread my music! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, here’s the lyrics for the song me and @StephLP18 did, with a bit more editing by me, still haven’t gotten a name so it is “untitled” currently:

Ready for to you devour
Dragging me under your evil power
Haunting my soul at every hour
You’re tormenting me
Connoting me with your evil spells
With my life thrown down a well
Stolen from me
Ripped from right underneath
And every second it’s harder to breathe
It’s getting harder to stay awake
It’s getting harder to reach my earlier state
It’s getting harder to find a reason for me to stay
It’s getting darker for me in the day
With a storm following me wherever I go
With my soul and heart being stabbed with the end of a bow
I can’t go on like this anymore
I only see my life as a never ending chore
The light and will has burned out
Hoping I can find a new route
Because I have this fear
I’m crying out every tear
I have lost all of my will
And pain is all I feel
And my heart will never heal
Ready to step into the fire
Because my life, I no longer desire
I am hanging on a wire
And I am losing my grip
And now I am about hit
The switch
Its pitch
Black, there’s a hitch

No, hang on and sit
Why are you isolating yourself in a pit?
Grab this candle and have it lit
A helping hand is within reach
Let me throw some wisdom at you through this speech
Where I will help you bleach
The darkness and turn it to white
And with this wisdom you may just smite
All these demons, and everything will be alright
The darkness will be consumed by the light
Go on, don’t be in fright
I’ll give you a hand to make things right
Let those begotten thoughts leave your mind
They are not you, but are behind
All your sadness, don’t be confined
Accept your flaws
As it draws
You away from the claws
Of your demons that cause the pain
They put a strain
On your focus, if you let them reign
There’s a long road ahead
It’s time rest all the tears you have shed
Think of the possibilities ahead
Let the mental torture escape
Let your power and will take shape
Aren’t you curious as to what’s behind the drape?


wow this really good
we did a good job on this @Woco21


Congrats on the new social accounts! :grin:
Also nice lyric! Well done Will and @StephLP18 ! :smile: :sun_with_face:


Thanks guys, I been a bit busy with things, but have finished writing another song I started writing last year. This makes 11 songs total of a possible 18-21 I want. Still quite a while to go, but I will definitely make it happen :smiley:

ALSO @StephLP18, we haven’t chosen a name for the song lol. I can’t find the thread either xD.


Good luck with your writing and looking forward to the next one form you


I have recorded “Blaze of Anguish” earlier today in the morning, though it was like 6-7 sessions to get it sounding the way I wanted to lol. This makes 3 songs recorded, yay! xD

Still looking and listening to more instrumentals to see if they fit into what I want my songs to sound like, also using samples of speeches artists and such. It’s a different pace to what I’m usually used to doing, but that started in my last mixtape. Will update more and “probably” post a snippet of “Blaze of Anguish” later today on my Instagram!


I don’t have a Instagram so anyway you could post it here


Yeah, no problem. I’ll post it here :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news, looking forward to hearing more. I’ll see if I can send you an instrumental soon!



Well here it is lol:


It is really good I like how you did it can’t wait for the real thing


Very nice!! :star_struck: keep it going! :smile:


Hey there . my friend Since the first time I met you @Woco21 I have listened to all your music and lyrics You have shared a lot since then. . Has it helped you in any way . Writing it down Getting it out. You are truly brilliant . I can hear and feel a lot of what you are saying. Misunderstood ,Anger Sometimes you get quieter and then switch to louder The music changes too Well I just want to say I enjoy listening I love your vocals in the way you put everything together. You are Important and are loved by me. i always think about you I can’t stop listening . Thanks for sharing .


I feel like the writing has helped me a lot, even reading at this point helps me understand much about life in general and the human psyche. I feel very calm nowadays, I don’t overthink things, and just let life flow. We only have this life and we want to make the best of it. Why waste a life that has been gifted to you? Life has endless possibilities, but many things hold back the human being from living at their full potential. This is why now I am seeking to do something I love while, spreading a message. Though I don’t want to be too forward, as it involves many things revolving us. Little seeds are planted, but only those who want to see behind the veil will water it…

I am very glad that you enjoy what I do. This is for everyone to relate to and realize things that otherwise they wouldn’t even cross an idea of. The lyrics all mine, which is all I do, then i just try to set up the instrumental to sound “good” along with it. The issues and topics touched are many I have felt or even some that I have dived deep into. I myself want to be a change to the world, I feel it can be a much better place if everyone eventually discovered who, or what they are. It would completely change their perception and they would be able to see the unity of each action that takes place.

I love you all too, all is love and thank you once again @kathy357 for your kind words.

PS: During these sessions I also plan to do some LP covers :wink:


Update for this past week:

Haven’t really done much due to being busy with other errands and going to the gym (Strong Mind, Strong Body lol). I had to re-record “Symbol”, due to my file corrupting :frowning:

Though I had my cousin listen to both tracks and he seemed to like them. Said I even sound like R. Kelly trying to sing :joy::rofl:

He thought I overdid a sample in “Blaze of Anguish”, which to, I agreed and took it off the ending.

Hoping next week to get another song finished, and record another. Sorry For Now has been on my head too much…