The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Not familiar with R. Kelly but I guess that’s a compliment? :sweat_smile:

Btw In the meantine, should you feel the need for more feedback, I’m willing to help you out :wink:


I guess it is lol. But any feedback is welcome. And sure, I’ll hit you up with the tracks and you let me know what you think. Thanks!


Needless to say Rick was excited by what he heard and is also pumped for the full mixtape xD.

As for other things, I signed up for contests relating to this. I got accepted to 2:

1- To showcase in front of reps from Atlantic Records (Though its $300 just to do this) * No thanks xD
2- Got an email earlier today from The Showcase Tour (Clicky HERE) unfortunately, I will be out of the US during when this happens in NY. :frowning:


50,000 $ it’s worth it! :laughing:
So are you going to do them??


For Atlantic… nope. They are part of Warner and have Cardi B and such artists signed. I want full creative control of what I say, and knowing how Mainstream music works, this is not the case.

The Showcase Tour I can’t take in part in due to me traveling during the week that it is in NY. Maybe next time if they are around lol.

All in all, this isn’t for money to me. It’s about spreading a message, showing people that they aren’t “weird” if they don’t “follow” societal rules. That they themselves are the cure to anything that brings them down. I’m making moves slowly to try to see if I can influence the masses. It’s now or never really.


I really appreciate this words and hope you can do it!! :muscle: It’ll be really wonderful if all people start to think with their own mind and not going “blind” ( and walking in circle :grin: )


Good choice, never give yourself to big labels.

Exactly! Now the labels really don’t want antything to do with you :smile:


Just downloaded all your mixtapes. I’ll give them a listen when Im free :smile:


Awesome @titan2025 , I always have had trouble with the volume lol. And there are a few mess ups so listen at your own discretion. PS: Open your mind also :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: I recorded another song I wrote, but still tweaking it at the moment. The name is cccc’cccC’’’'ccc because thats what my pocket typed xD. I like it also because… it’s the 3rd letter in the alphabet. Started writing another song after that but still gotta work on it n:p

As for the lyrics promised. This song I initially started writing a year ago when I was in Cali, the chorus mainly, as it changed since that time. I also sing in this song, the choruses lol. Well without further ado… SYMBOL (The italicized words are the choruses)


Please wake up, from this lucid dream
Please speak up, of the constant theme
Oh, nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it seems
Listen to my words for a symbol
Life, it can be so simple
Let my words flow through your veins
Let me help you out of those heavy chains
That have us bounded by our shattered remains

Because what was held
And lingered in
Memories of sin
Which is what consumes us and left us in a dim
All alone confined to our mental doom
But I tell you it’s time to grab the broom
And sweep away
In theory this just may
Make you realize, you are part of the play
The play which arises the sorrow
Because we borrow
Ideas set forth, and hope for a better tomorrow
But within this
It’s easy to miss
This, are you in control?
Or are you just following a goal
Invented by the biggest troll
The one that meddles with your soul
Fabricated illusion
Deciphering confusion
Awaiting substitution
As you awaken and pinpoint the fabrication
That has had you chained to the damnation
Cut off the chain and enter retaliation
Rise against the boundary
You can achieve anything you want
Without setting yourself back
Let these unhealthy thoughts, fade away
Tomorrow’s just another day
To get back on track
We only have this one chance
To enhance
This vision for a better reality, but we’ve been in a trance
Since we first took glance
And breath of air, but take a stance
For the greater goodness, and let those that finance
Our hurt
Eat dirt
As we let mother Gaia revert
Back to its natural state
And reveal that all the pretty wicked hate
Was just an invention, which we realized too late
Then we can relate
While we clean this slate
Of uncertainty, and set things straight

Please wake up, from this lucid dream
Please speak up, of the constant theme
Oh, nothing is what it seems
Nothing is what it seems
Listen to my words for a symbol
Life, it can be so simple
Let my words flow through your veins
Let me help you out of those heavy chains
That have us bounded by our shattered remains

Lift the veil
You would be surprised at what it would reveal
A little layer of the mind that you would peel
You would start to feel
A yearning to unseal
The depths of the deal
Set in cosmic stone
To the point of being flesh and bone
To realize that you’re all alone
But also a unique piece
To creation, with these
Words, to help you ease
Truth, so please
Arise from the ashes and seize
The moment and find the keys
Open the door, and realize
All the lies
Witness with your own eyes
All that we need to revise
In order to overthrow the ties
I’m betting it will catch you by surprise
It’s scary, but we must rise
For the wisdom of the wise
Before the rulers jeopardize
Gaia, and dehumanize
Each and everyone of us
And throw us under a bus
Time is ticking, thus
It’s time to become distinct
From the norms we have been linked
To, since birth, before we become extinct


I earned another song!! Yaaay!! :tada: :blush:

I like the chorus so much!!


I always like your unusual rhyme patterns, it’s a technique I don’t hear much

Edit: this has not much to do with your album, but I wanted to share this video anyway :blush: (@lpfan61 you might like this)


Very interesting! Thanks for tagging me! :blush: :hugs:


I’m glad you like the chorus :smiley: I am experimenting more with singing now, as I haven’t done it in so long. So there are some songs that have this setup now :stuck_out_tongue: , you will be surprised by some of the samples :wink:

@rickvanmeijel I always try to stick to 3 bars, it is something most people don’t use, especially with direct rhymes. The longest bar pattern I used is like 21 words straight lol. But I am also experimenting different ways of writing in some songs. Like a song I wrote yesterday called “Hive”.

I don’t know if I should do a song in Spanish. I still have like 5 more songs to write. What do you guys think? This will be the first mixtape since “Where Do I Go” that I did not record a song in spanish :o


Why not?! :smile: I understand it better now, thanks to @IronSoldier16 's lessons… :blush: You can do it and then decide if it fits in the mixtape… :smile:


I agree! Let the creativity flow when it arrives, you can decide later whether to include it on the mixtape or not :slight_smile:


That sounds fair. Though I always been the type of guy that doesn’t do additional tracks for mixtape cycles xD. The exceptions would be for my 1st two mixtapes, as I wrote both of them since 2013 and released both of them on January 2015, the other exception would be from the last cycle. I had a song called “Obsession” which I wrote but did not release (or record) because of certain issues I had with my former girlfriend.

But I will analyze and talk to my friends and see what they think about this also, just been busy juggling many things and I’m sore as hell from so much jogging and gym lol.


Well, damn… this week went by in a jiffy. This week’s update:

I finished writing 2 songs, one was “Hive” as mentioned earlier. Which I simply put it, is very metaphorical and feel people will get what I’m talking about. Has a different rhyming pattern than used before.

I listened to the songs I have recorded and 1 has a minor mistake on it, so I may do that again when I get the chance.

I’m having fun but also taking it slowly. I’m going to be headed to the UK in a couple of weeks, feel like visiting places and sightseeing are something I’ve wanted to do.

Anyway, enough about me? how are you guys/gals? :smiley:

Edit: Just watched the video. Freaked out when he mentioned Pi xD.


Looking forward to when you share the album with us


Same here! :smile:

EDIT: I’m noticing only now that your name Will corresponds to the “will” which means the future… :thinking: is it just by chance that you have this name since you’re into the future more than anybody else? If I can say… :see_no_evil: