The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Well, I have researched my given name, which is Wilson. Though the break down is as follows:

Wil = William
Son= Son of


if you’re into mysticism and such, that’s what my name means. Though yes, the will is very important part here, though many are deceived by putting their will to work for the “game”.

Maybe I am THE WILL?

That’s what I wanna know xD.

And yes… once its all said and done I will let you guys listen. I’m happy that you guys and others are interested in my work :smiley: Thanks for the support :sunglasses:


I wasn’t wrong! :grin: :blush:

:grin: of course we’re interested! :blush: :hugs:


Last week’s update: I was recording “Ra” (1st song I posted here) and unfortunately, the instrumental just didn’t seem to work with what I had proposed in my mind.

I recited “Hive” and “+ = -” to a friend and he liked both, especially the former.

Still have to find about 8~ more instrumentals for the project.

Writing some ideas down when I get them. Other than that, still uuber exhausted over working out xD.

I released a snippet of a song that will be on the next mixtape, if you missed it:

PS: This Friday, my membership finishes. Crossing my fingers I get a free account xD.


Thanks for sharing! :smile:


Hello my dear friend This one is long. You still are an incredible writer . When i read this I can hear your voice … . Just want t o say I think about you . . I hope you are doing ok . I will be back to check up on you. You are important @ Woco21 and are loved by me :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you very much for your kind words @kathy357 , I have been doing pretty good overall. Focusing on the writing portion more at the moment. Haven’t recorded anything since my trip back from the UK. I hope you are doing good as well. And as for an early xmas present, I will present a couple of option to choose from so stay tuned :smiley:

  • Blaze of Anguish (Demo) MP3
  • Symbol (Demo) MP3
  • Blur (Lyrics)

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So here we go, this Poll closes on the 21st of this month @ 12PM EST. The three options I will give some details:

Blaze of Anguish: Thank you once again @StephLP18 for the contributions and @the_termin8r for the name of the song. This song is still being tweaked at the moment, but I feel the Demo version shows what to expect and expect a surprise on this song :wink:

Symbol: I listened to this while working out at the gym, and I was pleased how it sounded, though I messed up in a part and will be re-recorded at some point. Like BoA, it gives you a sneak peak the final version.

Blur: Finished writing this song yesterday after storming a couple of weeks for ideas. Feels very “metaphorical” through the lyrics. It has a very deep meaning that should connect to everyone if they realize the depth of it.

So, 3 great choices, 2 Demo’s or the lyrics, the choice is yours guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly I’m curious about all 3… :star_struck:

But you got me with this :point_down:



Nice post! I like that you’re sharing a demo already. People will like these tracks :wink:


Remember tomorrow is the big day :stuck_out_tongue:


Only 2 votes! :cold_sweat: :pensive:
C’mon soldiers!! :muscle:


Well, seems only 3! people voted xD what are the odds? Anyway as promised here is the MP3:

Symbol (Demo)

In this song I sing the chorus then go immediately into rapping afterwards. Though I still have to work on the vocal harmonies I think it gives a rough idea of what I’m trying to get at. Enjoy guys and let me know what you think! Also merry xmas and happy HOLIdays guys and girls!

PS: I wrote a song yesterday and rehearsed it, here’s a 30 sec, snippet of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to know,what about the other 2 songs? Are you going to share them too sooner or later? :grin:

I’ll listen Symbol later… on phone now and I have bad line… :roll_eyes:

Nice! It could be a great song! :star_struck:


How typical :smile:

Symbol is just great. I love your lyrics and flow, the atmosphere, everything.


Yes, I’ll share them at some point @lpfan61 though I won’t reveal when lol.

I am currently just searching for Instrumentals. I have already finished writing most of it, like 95% done.

I’m glad you like the snippet on instagram, though I’m already getting comments on “they don’t understand what I’m saying”… either a troll or just a jealous mumble rapper, or just someone not deep enough to understand. xD

And thanks @rickvanmeijel I think it only needs a bit of tweaking but I will try different approaches to the singing and see if it stays or changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything is going to plan, just need to rake in more followers to spread the message.


Yaay! :grin:

:roll_eyes: :pleading_face: LOL :laughing:

I listened Symbol! Nice rapping! :smile: Where can I find the lyric? :blush:


What the poopie is this?


The lyrics are 27 posts up LOL… well everything is working synchronicity with muh favorite numbers now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thanks glad you like the rapping xD

@intheend hola meme, they are just profound bouts of wisdom displayed through words (and rapping/poetry) ;). Its TOO much to consume now but I recommend just looking at the last posts, of course if u dare :wink: May get you thinking like many of the poopies that have posted here :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Here’s the link to the lyrics above: The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Lol thank you! :grin:


Seeing as its Xmas in most of Europe, here’s my xmas gift to you guys…


And many other peeps that I haven’t mentioned:

Blaze of Anguish (Demo)
Pi (Demo)

and last but not least, a song I have not mentioned at all here…


Words just can’t explain
This thriving pain
Your words are what kept me sane
Your wisdom gave us hope
It’s just that this loss has stranded me and it’s tough to cope
When a light that once was
Was turned off because
But like dust
In the gust
It flows away
Into thin air
Within its stay
A bright light that once was there
Becomes grey
No longer sparkles in its enchanting flare

I’m here my friend
I’m here till the end
Give me your trust and let’s bend
The rules
Because a helping hand fuels
Let those cells and molecules
If its answers you seek
Take a seat
I want you to realize you’re complete
Imperfections are what contemplate defeat
But until you realize
That you are loved
You will let the lies
Consume you and constantly shove
You down to the floor
And you let a cry out wondering what’s behind the door
The insecurities put pressure on your poor
It’s taken a toll
But I’m here my friend
I’m here till the end

In me you inspired
A sort of fire
That seemed to be wired
Inside my DNA
And to this day
I can’t thank you enough to say
It was a pleasure
Without any measure
To have found the treasure
Of your words
Your voice that would pull in herds
Of fans from over two thirds
Of the world, we miss you