The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Ummm… where? :sweat_smile:

Listening now… :blush:

It’s incredible how Chester voice fixes well with “Blaze of anguish”… :heart:

Your rap is actually really nice… :smile: You did a very nice job in this album! :muscle: :hugs: :hugs:


Here we go:

I think its easier to see that way :sweat_smile:

Glad you like the work I put into it. Sounded good when I first listened as a whole, thanks for the feedback @lpfan61 I really appreciate it :hugs:


Thank you for the file! :smile:
And you’re welcome! :blush: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


You’re welcome, glad I could contribute to this great body of work. I enjoyed reading the songs descriptions and I hope this mixtape will inspire people to start thinking. Once again congratulations!!


I’ll share the description of 1 more song in the mixtape you know well :wink:

Anything/One: Was the 1st song to be recorded, but the last on the mixtape xD. @rickvanmeijel was kind enough to hand me over the Anything Instrumental, and I worked from there. I used some Nirvana Samples from “All Apologies”. The basic premises of the song is talking about how conditions in nature, lead to another condition (Sunlight + rain = flower blossoming) How opposite conditions of dryness/wetness make this happen! I consider this a more poetic approach at the beginning but at the end the pace changes.

I do hope I can reach more ears and open up more minds @rickvanmeijel , if you guys enjoyed this piece of art, please share. Sharing is caring :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently I’m just drawing on some CD’s I burned and giving them to friends. I can share the pics if you guys like xD.


I would love to see them


Agreed with @StephLP18 ! Show us pleeeease! :blush:


Here ya go :stuck_out_tongue:


Niiiiicee!! :heart_eyes: :smile:


I think it’s cool that you included Anything/One as a hidden track. Also, spreading CD’s is so old school but so cool :smile:


I always have had the mentality of PHYSICAL over Digital. Clouds aren’t forever and can be wiped out if servers are down. Had this mentality since I was an LP collector lol.

Plus it feels more personal to just draw and give the music to someone who will appreciate it. Sort of a memento :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of making my own site, uploading more songs to youtube, possibly write a book. I am even contemplating on doing videos on deep topics I talk about in my music. Many people have told me to write a book, so I may just dig into it :stuck_out_tongue:


Skipping from the doom and gloom posts I been doing recently…

I have also been contemplating on re-recording older songs (the “better” ones at least) and maybe do different out takes by changing the Instrumental, vocal take, etc. What would you guys think of that?

Of course all the things mentioned I plan to do within the course of this year. If you guys think that sounds like a good idea, what songs would you like to hear re-recorded?

I liked how On3 ended up sounding, more polished than my other mixtapes and I want to give that feel to older songs, possibly a way to start a new compilation with On3 songs included.

Also contemplating of at least playing a song Live in a showcase tour, though I myself have to see if I would be able to, since the instrumentals aren’t mine and I don’t really plan to make any money off of this.


I like that idea! I’d have to sift through your older songs in order to choose which ones could be ‘remastered’.

You wanna do live performances? Like in the streets or?


That be awesome if you could man! I know some songs have mistakes and such from my older mixtapes, as I didn’t really care about it, but now I feel in order to gain a bigger and better audience, I should do this and make them sound better.

As for the Live thing, here’s the site to the showcase tour:

I don’t know If I would be able to, do to the songs not being mine, unless of course I lease the Instrumental, though my main goal in something like this would be to wake people up than making money or even making the grand prize. I just don’t wanna get sued xD. So many copyright laws and such outright make it not seem the most tempting offer. I also want to do this as it is out of my norm, I’m normally a reserved, introverted kind of person, but slowly but surely am changing that, for the better of course :wink:

BTW happy 333rd post @rickvanmeijel :grin:


No problem :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at your soundcloud

Sounds like a cool plan! Who knows what it will lead to. The copyright thing is tricky yeah, but as long as you’re using freely published instrumentals I think it should be fine.

Wow totally missed that :open_mouth: