The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Call me weird- but to me all this what happens here on the lpu is the pure and uniting power of Chaz - he is so with us :heart:


Definitely. His memory will always remind us that he wanted a better world. His words helped me heal and learn to love my imperfections. If it wasn’t for LP, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into writing music either as I didn’t have any interest as a teen. LP changed that for me, and I will always be thankful to them for their words.


@theearlywalker yes I totally agree


The last thing I would call you is weird cause he is still with us in heart


The next track is the title of my 4th mixtape, “Memes & Themes”.

The song itself is about people don’t question whats popular. That even though they seem to be making a decision for themselves, it is still connect to another human idea. How we are all consumed with the world that we actually forget what matters. Which is really our own individual happiness.

Memes & Themes:


It’s all just trends and memes
Different decades, different themes
People have just become too easily distracted from what it seems
They shot ideas down our throat
We all obey to be on the same boat
While making others their scape goat
We willingly accept
All their rules and act inept
While the biggest secrets they have kept
We have information at our fingertips
But, we would rather be stuck following scripts
While this leads us to apocalypse
Hypnotized by a screen
Social media our caffeine
Missing completely our very surroundings, scene by scene
This is the distraction
From humanly interaction
Instead, we’re here feeding the egotistical satisfaction
No one cares about the problems ahead
Or the shit propaganda that’s been stuffed through our head
Fuck, my generation would rather take selfies instead
No one cares about our history
They rather repeat it and live in misery
Downing all the lies through trickery
No one cares for truth
They rather follow trends since youth
Be molded to grow into something they hate
It’s the memes that they underestimate
People are just programmed to believe
It’s sad how they can be so naive
How they are so easy to deceive
They don’t think outside the box
Let their thoughts detox
All the bad, so they can become unorthodox
Taking every little word from leaders as a fact
They never act
And the situation of the world remains intact

Monday through Friday
I walk into a scene, that’s so grey
That pretty much proves the decay
Of what once was a more joyful time to be alive
Everyone is just stuck on their screen, while they have been socially deprived
Ever since the smart phone arrived
It seems to be smarter than the user
Worst than a substance abuser
It seems that they are coming out the biggest loser
Living in their own little universe
They never converse
With others, it just seems to get worse
In this digital age
Where social media is all the rage
Who knows what will be the next stage
Our children digitally savvy
But they are missing bonding with mommy and daddy
Because both their ways are uncanny
Likes and rants
Who wears the pants?
Yet again you forgot to water the plants
It’s all just trends and memes
Different decades, different themes
People have just become too easily distracted from what it seems
It seems to be in uniform
No wonder generation x
Is all about the clubbing, partying and kinky sex
They needed guidance, but wanted to be more complex
They go by what’s in demand
Expecting to come out with the upper hand
Yet they are all pretty bland
They think they’re ecstatic
But are rather erratic
They say they don’t want problems, but their lives are dramatic
Egotistical, yet charismatic
Their lives are dogmatic
And they preach it like a fucking fanatic
Short attention span
That began
With the smart phone clan
Of more than one nation
On a screen, oh the abomination
Even the older folks are into the trend
That they also need to depend
On the fixation of a screen but, will it ever end?
Kill two birds with one stone
They don’t realize that they’re all alone
If they put down that phone
Corrupt and inept
They easily forget
They don’t see the controllers as a threat
That’s what why we’re doomed
Dumb down society is what it bloomed
There just too many that are consumed
Shaped by ideas which they assumed
We’re true
Tell a lie over and over until it becomes fact and sticks like glue
It’s just meant to influence you
It’s all just trends and memes
Different decades, different themes
People have just become too easily distracted from what it seems


Song Name: Follow (RH-, 5th Mixtape)

This song is how about many just do with what they are told, and never question it. When their time comes, never realizing they are a slave to “goals” set out by the rulers of our “democracy”.



It’s funny how people pursue
What society throws at them on queue
How only a few
Eventually realize that they follow
Something deliberately so hollow
But the others just accept it and wallow
Happily and gratefully
But never seeing the pattern regretfully
Eternally playing duck, duck goose
Chasing after the noose
They can’t be leaders, they just enjoy the juice
This is quite heavily
Produced so cleverly
Keeps testing them steadily
A set lifestyle
That may last for a while
Is accepted with open arms and a smile
Never question the boss
It’s always right, and your at a loss
Follow the yellow brick road
That they have showed
Don’t say anything or question, let it erode
"Whoever questions, is nuts
No ifs, ands or buts
Any vital information, it cuts"
But, they are the ones with guts
To stand up against these brainwashed robots

Imma tell you how to live your life
Imma tell you that you need a wife
Imma tell you to put down that knife
Imma tell you what you need
Imma tell you what it takes to succeed
Imma tell you to breed
Imma use you for my game
Imma give you a name
Eventhough you all act the same
Imma tell you what you want to hear
Imma instill a little fear
Imma tell you to hold material things dear
Imma tell you need that green
Imma tell you to work like a machine
Imma tell you to make a scene
Imma tell you what to eat
Imma teach you how to cheat
Imma show you how to keep it discreet
Imma tell you what you see with your eyes
Imma tell you facts, even though they’re lies
But I won’t expect replies
You will respect and obey
Anything I have to say
Imma tell you this from night til day
Imma tell you wrong from right
Imma tell you not to put up a fight
Imma tell you black from white
Imma tell you how to spend
Imma make rules you can’t bend
Imma use you til no end
Til you’ve served your time
Til you’ve paid for your crime
Its in your blood
You’re just a drop of water in the flood
No matter what you do, always a dud
You see?
Just a victim happily living in unconventional slavery
A follower to no end with absolutely no bravery

PS: I will post song names of ALL songs when I can. Stay tuned!


Perfect portraits of our society… sadly… :triumph: :neutral_face:


Indeed, I actually want to see if some of the peeps here react and analyze their own being. Question their motives and see deeper than what is portrayed.


Good challenge… everyone should stop a moment to reflect on their/our own actions…good theme to reflect…


Wooohoooo for you @Woco21 :heart_eyes:


Here’s a list of ALL songs recorded through 6 mixtapes:

Where Do I Go? It’s ALL a Show!
1- Busy Days
2- Peace?
3- Routine 9 to 5
4- Arrogance
5- Alone
6- Anxiety
7- Another Year
8- No Sense
9- Real?
10- Answers
11- Sane Mind
12- Simple Beauty
13- Ignorance
14- Preach
15- Let Me Be

Sane Asylum
1- Dysfunction
2- Clueless
3- Myth
4- Existence
5- Riches
6- Layers
7- Mainstream
8- Pinnacle
9- Profecia*
10- Mine Sweeper
11- Lost Souls
12- Cuento de Ada*
13- October Nine
14- Routes
15- Dn7 L57n 2 Th5 (Metal Gear Solid 2)

Let’s Take This Back to Poetry
1- Valentine’s Day
2- Just Move On
3- Chain Letter
4- Checkmate
5- Purpura*
6- Deep Dark Web (HT)

Memes & Themes
1- Fulton
2- Memes & Themes
3- I Don’t Blame You
4- Nothingness
5- Mainstream Pt. Deux
6- Temptress
7- Same Old Story (Rinse & Repeat)
8- Change of Lifestyle
9- Afraid
10- Marea Al Viento
11- Thirty Three
12- Emptiness/Vacio*
13- Insane/Empty Mind
14- B0rdr’5 X’d
15- L3ff3r75 (HT)

1- Time
2- Do I Need to Say More?
3- Cloak
4- Follow
5- Animal
6- Mask
7- The Biggest Stage
8- Deception
9- M@ch1n3
10- Conclusion
11- Grind
12- Troll
13- N-Flu-Nce
14- Child
15- The Road
16- Farewell

From the Darkness to the Light… And Vice Versa
1- Intro
2- Questions
3- Generic Love Song
4- Newborn
5- Introvert
6- Drank from the Wrong Cup
7- Conspiracy
8- Just a Deck of Cards
9- The Game
10- Losing It
11- Aqua/Pink-Red
12- Curve
13- Grey
14- Sk17
15- P@r@n01@
16- Elixir
17- Old
18- Moments & Memories
19- Contrast/O
20- Distractions
21- Cambio Necesario (HT) *

  • = Song in Spanish
    (HT) = Hidden Track
    Italicized = Just sounds
    Bold = Shared


Song Name: Introvert (From the Darkness to the Light… And Vice Versa)

This song is how as a child/kid, I tried to fit in so much with the “herd”, but I just never was a popular kid because I was too different to them. Molding me into the person I am today.



Ever since I was a kid
It was just something that couldn’t be hid
So I never really put a lid
On it
I always used my wit
But even though the need to be a counterfeit
Was strong
I just wanted to fit in all along
But I just couldn’t, it felt wrong
I was always a nerd
Even as much as I tried to fit in with the herd
I never seemed to have the correct password
Lol, that’s so fucking absurd
That I’m completely blurred
Because my words aren’t slurred
I did good in school, A’s and B’s
I strived for degrees
In subjects that left people at unease
Good in math
Because I followed the path
And looked at the aftermath
But, I would still live in fear
That a bad grade would be near
The paranoia at times was completely clear
At these times I didn’t listen to rap
Because it was all just yap
I didn’t like that constant crap
While you were listening to 50cent
I went full rock because I needed to vent
It left a real dent
On the person I am today
I guess it just needed to be that way
I just didn’t want to be a cliche
Linkin Park
Started the spark
In my mind, to reach the dark
Side of the moon
By Pink Floyd, helped me crack out of the cocoon
And show me that I was immune
To playing the same tune
As a result
Growing up and becoming an adult
Made me reach for the occult
Made me take a glance
Then advance
That I still had a chance
To make things right for me
That the experience just had to be
That all I need were real eyes to see
I guess I had to be a nerd
To be different from the herd
Because everything that was mainstream to me, just seemed so fucking absurd

Along with being a nerd, I was an introvert
That wouldn’t even spurt
A word, and he would avert
Any kind of interaction and be on alert
But, the most interesting people are those that are quiet
Soft spoken and you’d think they’re compliant
But in their mind, they’re starting a riot
People just see the book and read the back cover
But they never discover
That they are the deepest lover
The true analyzer
That can only grow wiser
Not like a common person, that’s an advertiser
Giving their life with complete detail
Like its some cheap book on the bargain bin for retail
They derail
Any sense of privacy
Conforming to lives of piracy
But to a quiet person, they are the book you must read
Because they don’t have a need
To feed
On the feast
Of the beast
They have the least
Interest in conforming
To rules that are adorning
You can’t skip a page
Because as they age
They see life is one big stage
Life’s a gift and a curse
For better or worse
With situations leading to the adverse
A complete sum
Of all our decisions in this grand slum
But that’s an introvert
Even if deep down their hurt
They never avert
They’ll give you the best advice you’ve ever heard
Word for word
They make sense of the absurd
Pound for pound
Round after round
They’ll help you understand situations off your ground
I go outside
Save myself from the tide
Because we have gone on a haywire override
I guess I had to be a nerd
To be different from the herd
Because everything that was mainstream to me, just seemed so fucking absurd


Wow, this thread is QUIET xD cricket noises anyway, as promised I will be doing 5 per week, and since I’ve missed 2… here’s the first one:

Song Name: Ignorance (Where Do I Go?)

This is one of the very first songs I started writing. (The first being Anxiety). It went through many Instrumental changes, until I decided for the final one. This talks about how I have been “awakened” to all the things around me. All the evil, greed and advantage that our leaders take of the population. How people can see this, how they are explained what is happening, but, they decided to go back to their slumber and just not do anything about it as it isn’t affecting them.



Ignorance is bliss
What did I miss?
I wish I could reminisce
To the times I was asleep
Because my longing of meaning wasn’t so deep
Living a lie on the cheap
But then I realize I was meant to be wise
That it was things of fate to open my eyes
To the constant blatant lies
Of our supposed allies
That are leading to our complete demise
Sorry to burst your bubble
But were in a whole lot of trouble
Because the laws of nature are being turned to rubble
There’s no going back to sleepy days now
I still ask myself how?
In front of our eyes but yet, we still allow
But yet, I feel broken
They are just thoughts that should be spoken
Wise words within me that are a token
But what’s the use?
Everyone is so recluse
In their own little dream world, that’s the excuse
They get their fix off the abuse
The young grow old
I ask myself why is this world so cruel and cold?
Everyone just follows trends and does what they’re told
Like cheap labor
Can you do me a favor?
This extortion is more than I can savor
Society induces you into the following of cults
From newly born children to lost adults
Pressuring you, not to be yourself because of faults
The illusion
Is causing plenty of confusion
That many are still under the delusion
Of living in the best times
While they keep committing crimes
And telling it to us sometimes
But, I can relate
I been down that path, Maybe its just things of fate
Truth always overcomes, you can’t negate
In a society where you pay to live
Can you care to give Me an answer, as to why I should forgive?
All the hardships that we been through
All the suffering that we let brew
All the anger that’s gone anew
Buy yet
Everyone goes back to slumber and they forget
About any of that threat
Yes, ignorance is bliss
What they don’t see, they will surely dismiss
As the snakes work in the shadows, without a hiss

Ignorance is bliss
I don’t know how much I can take of this
Everything in front of your eyes but yet you miss
All the stuff going around
In your face it can be found
But its not affecting your life, til it pushes you to the ground
Keep dreaming
You won’t be redeeming
Because its just seeming
Truth is stranger than fiction
But the dream world you live is your addiction
Care to join me, as I show you the contradiction?
Of course not, your too scared
Or too mentally impaired
To act like if you actually cared
Throwing away useful advice
Rather spend time on a useless device
And be scared like little mice
Answers to questions that you will never seek
Scared to offend anyone if you ever speak
Showing that you are truly meek
No wonder you keep ignoring
Maybe I left you snoring
Oh so sorry that what I’m telling you is boring
Now I hope you see why I quit
You all easily submit
To what society says and commit
Without seeing any benefit
Such a silly world that we permit
Sillier that you will not even admit
Walking dead without any spirit
Soulless, no wonder I’m about to lose it…


Song Name: Dysfunction (Sane Asylum)

Dysfunction is a song of just not caring anymore. All that I see, hear, read, but yet no one seems to see what I see. Then asking the “God” entity, why all the suffering? What really is my purpose? Am I just a puppet for your “entertainment”? 2 lines from the song are recycled from Alice in Chains. Dirt and Angry Chair, both from the Dirt Album.


The things running through my head
I ask myself what lies ahead?
What should I be doing instead?
Now I ask, could I borrow
A minute, to tell you that tomorrow
Starts the day of sorrow
But of course, you’ll turn the other cheek
Because your mind is too weak
To understand this concept that seems out of place, unique
When there’s no gas in the tank
Only thing left is to walk the plank
As your eyes stare as a fade blank
But still under the delusion of hitting the bank
I wonder if everyone’s playing just a big prank
On me
All acting out their roles for everyone to see
But are we all truly free?
I even act out my role
I don’t truly know myself as a whole
To what our whole purpose is, or ending goal?
Maybe it is what we are given
I stop seeking answers and just give in
As if I don’t know what I’m doing, automatically driven
As a great man once said, "One who doesn’t care is one who shouldn’t be"
What is it gonna take to set myself free?
Is it even possible to come to terms and agree?
That the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?
Am I right or am I wrong?
How much longer can it all prolong?
Were we just nothingness all along?
I should stop asking questions, and continue with the song
But why? When everyone’s ending is nigh
They don’t know what to do or how to try
Are we really supposed to be meant to end up above a blue sky?
Or is that just a man made lie?
For asking questions, I seem like the bad guy
We don’t know good, if there is no bad
We don’t know happiness, unless we know sad
We don’t know calm, until we blow the fumes and get mad
Maybe I should just worry about myself
Put my book of other people on a shelf
And focus on whatever life throws at me itself

In simple terms, I just don’t care
While the world crumples in despair
Many on their knees in prayer
I tried to play fair
But this is just getting tiring and starting to wear
No thoughts, just a blank stare
All alone, sitting on an angry chair
No hope and no repair
For the current state of affair
I just don’t want to be here
Living a gullible life in fear
I want it to all end and disappear
From this world that we all held endear
Is this what the grand puppeteer
And sight seer
Wanted to hear?
Because I’m sure I’m not the only one saying this clear
As we all feel the end drawing near
No, its not anger
Just a long for an answer
Because words are just thrown as slander
Maybe its just a dysfunction
In conjunction
To searching for my real true function
Life full of distortion
Ideas that are poison to the mind, need an abortion
For a better notion
Of the transition
Of our true eternal composition
That has become such a painful prohibition
And an everlasting contradiction
For a bitter tasting addiction
For what we really are
Are we really that far?
From answers that seem to be lost in tar?

What truly is my function?
I seem to be just an assumption
World of glitches
Are we all just your bitches?
That you love issuing stitches
To get a kick off of it, from rags to riches
I don’t know
Why every blow
Hurts even more, but we reap what we sow
This just doesn’t make sense anymore
Tired of looking for truth, show me the door
Keep going on like this? What for?
I don’t feel like I can function
I’m just more flesh for your consumption
Eat me alive
I have no longer a thrive
To function in this world, missing my drive
Its no longer pleasing
The tremendous amount of teasing
Or the suffering during freezing
I can truly no longer function
Ending everything with a malfunction


@Woco21 it is a brilliant song


I am just curious where all the ideas come from. Cause all this writing is unique. And they are very long. I also love your voice.


Hey Kathy, well all the lyrics I write come from either questions I myself don’t know or personal experiences. Years back, I was on Xanax, Prozac, you name it, as my anxiety started to kick in and my depression coming on even harder on me.

I started “waking up” so to speak back in 2013. Questioning myself, my existence and such. To the point I reached insanity. To the point everything I see seems to be blind to the common eye. I became pretty analytical those following years. To the point I started searching controversial topics and such.

All in all, 2015-2016, I started to really make great steps for myself as I was calm, understanding and accepted myself as I am. I started meditating more, and well I want to get back to that point.

2017, was just a harsh year overall for me. Feels like everything I worked for was just thrown out the window. But this year I want to get back on my feet and make the best form of me stick out once again.

I write the songs long as I feel I can fit many things in there. But can also sway people into thinking about multiple topics that connect, and influence in such a way. I am glad you enjoy my voice, thank you for that. It is a great asset I have.

I also have a VERY high IQ. So I tend to be a very picky person when it comes to understanding lyrics and such. Intelligent people tend to be susceptible to mental illness, this seems to be a fact.


Song Name: Nothingness (Memes & Themes)

We are skipping the 3rd mixtape as it only has 3 songs left!

Nothingness is a song questioning if we ourselves are real? You will see in all my topics I talk about different things, about mental issues, existence, sadness, love, hate, etc. This song talks about how human beings take an idea, and just follow through, without questioning why! Dreams and ideas can be manipulated by external factors, and they can even make or break you. Nothingness comes from the theory that essentially the world is make believe and there really is no free will, just decisions that have been calculated beforehand and no matter your election, the outcome is already known.



Waking up everyday, to this world that feels completely fake
Understanding this concept would be hard to take
It makes no sense unless you are truly awake
Nothing is real
We’re all part of this repetitive wheel
Called life, that’s what I feel
This illusion
That’s sure to cause plenty of confusion
Keeps you trapped in a life of delusion
Made out of molecules which have no weight
I know you think I’m probably not thinking straight
It’s a big matter of debate
Trying to make sense out of it all
It seems like we have hit a wall
Then put a stall
On seeking our true composition
To give in to a fruition
It would be the best of acquisitions
It’ seems like we are stuck
But yet time is running amok
Nobody seems to give a fuck
We don’t even know what’s completely true
The answer only available to a select few
But won’t let us even eat from that stew
Everything seems to be a deception
Everyone sees the world through a different perception
It’s all a matter of conception
Trying to understand will make one insane
But me telling you all this with nothing to gain
No wonder no one thinks anything I say is sane
You aren’t real
The idea that you can feel
And need a meal
To survive, is the illusion talking
At the same time even mocking
It’s all make believe of nothingness
Were all part of this big mess
It’s something that you would never guess
It’s not a fight against them
That’s the big catch, a real gem
It’s all about manipulating thoughts
In your mind, so you can know who’s calling the shots
Make sense of it and you connect the dots
Good and bad
Happy and sad
It’s all the same, aren’t you glad?
Our lives mean nothing
We all try to find meaning to try and make it something
Even there we are manipulated and it’s disgusting

I am nothingness and so are you
What I say, doesn’t make it true
Looking for answers open to a select few
What’s the whole deal with emotion?
You feel so many things within this commotion
This keeps you trapped here within devotion
You feel love and hate
Taught to appreciate
And make it your own trait
What you are being told is right
And seeing it all within sight
Not making you question, holding on tight
You follow the trend of society
Til you finally wake up with anxiety
Because you find out it’s just a propriety
Everything is put out there for us
Not question anything or discuss
Because not knowing about it, is a big plus
I am nothingness and so are you
Take it from me and get a clue
From the conclusion that I drew
I’m here questioning my own existence
With such detail and persistence
At the same time trying to keep my own distance
From lunacy
Even though it begins connecting beautifully
It affects the way you view life brutally
You want reason? Make life what you want it to be
Make it what you want everyone one else to see
Find your reason to set yourself free
It’s all an illusion to some degree
In the end you truly are nobody
Just an entity, stuck in this reality
I am nothingness
Stuck in this mess
It’s what I need to address
So, take a guess
You are part of this process
Also, nevertheless


Wow I love it @Woco21


Glad you like it! Thanks again for the input. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: