The beauty of an ever questioning mind


I didn’t understand anything from the while thing :no_mouth::no_mouth: What is it about?




@Honey8 It has deep meaning. I can explain it completely but it would take quite a while. But in short 3, 6 and 9 are special numbers. I myself have been surrounded by 3 and 33 quite a bit, especially 33 as I see it a lot (Also have a song named after it).

I have my soundcloud, which I already used up all my time, only has my 1st 3 mixtapes and a bit of my 4th. If you want the “COMPLETE” collection, I can link you guys to my dropbox.


Thanks for the explanation! :smile:

Wait!But at the center there’s a “W” and with the black triangles there are 2 “K”, one reverse side… or it’s my imagination running… :sweat_smile:

EDIT. found the lyric on soundcloud… I can’t follow you without it… :see_no_evil:


You got the W part right, that’s my 1st initial. Turn it vertically and what do you get? a 3!

There are 3, 3’s in there :wink:

and yes there are a couple of Triangles there, 90 degrees. 3 sided.


Yaaay! I got one!! :blush:

BTW…maybe @the_termin8r likes to join us in analyzing your riddle?


Lol I was thinking the same though I think we’re running dry :sweat_smile:
MW are your initials then?
There’s also three semicircles inside the circle,


You guys earned another pic lol.


I like that we’re earning rewards!! :star_struck: :blush: :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face:

Btw… you do the pics/drawings of your songs too!? very nice! :smile:


@framos1792 You got the 3 Semi circles in there also, they are 120 degrees each 1+2+0 = 3 :slight_smile:
Just a wee bit more, you guys almost got all of them. I am very impressed. My intials are actually WC lol. But I just put the W in there as my friends call me “Willis” xD

@lpfan61 Yes, i do all my drawings and recently started getting into it again. I used to draw A LOT as a child. Rapping/writing I found when I was going through really tough times mentally. Back in 2013 I was on anti-depressants and such and started writing. My cousins BF (Now her husband) had a studio and I started there. My 1st song ever is named “Anxiety”


:thinking: a stretch…but if neon is there then maybe oxygen is meant too… O3 as in ozone? :man_shrugging:


Alrightyyyy @Woco21 I’ll listen to your playlist this weekend.

Does this form a word. Ok i get that its a deep meaning. I’ll read the entire thread after i complete my stuffs. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hold on I’ll come here soon… I don’t get if this is kinda puzzle or what… I’ll complete my stuffs and come back in here.


I like your way of drawing! keep it up!! :blush:

As for the riddle… @framos1792 don’t steal my ideas!! was thinking about that too… :laughing:


Is that a keyhole in the middle or is it just a 9?


Lol I’m sorry @lpfan61 :sweat_smile:
I get excited with puzzles like this hehe

On that subject, very well designed cover @Woco21
To get that much symbolism and meaning into a logo is pretty damn cool

The 33 stands out the most now that you said you relate to that number :grinning:


@framos1792 I didn’t not think of that but it would make sense. I only used the NE to complete the word xD. It didn’t take me long to come up with it. Funny thing is a Volkswagen hat my sister gifted me inspired the design lol. Yes, the 33 is a very lucky number, i see it all the time. You would be amazed how many pics of it I have it. If you seek the number, you will not find it. It will seek you.

@Honey8 Think Reanimation writing, how they named the song like 1Stp Klosr, By_myslf, etc. It actuallys is “leet” in a sort of way. I wrote “Fractals of Illusion” on the wall. As for reading, take your time, its quite a bit of stuff. As mentioned, I have 6 mixtapes, only 3 are on Soundcloud lol.

@rickvanmeijel as Nikola Tesla stated at one point “9 is the key to the universe”, I consider the 9 on the cover a sort of keyhole also. Do you have the key to unlock the worlds hidden wonders?

Here’s one more pic. Unlock the lyrics to a new song once it has been completely discovered. Last hint: It’s not 3 sided in the picture, but it adds up to 360 degrees.


The rhumbus? It’s in the center of the circle… 90° x 4= 360°??


Wow that’s awesome. Reminds me of the saying that 42 is the answer to everything or something :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have the key, but I’ve been looking for it :smile:


Sometimes, I feel like a prophet
Misunderstood, under the gun like a new disease



Yaaaay!! :blush: :blush: :sun_with_face: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: