The beauty of an ever questioning mind


Hey! 4+2 = 6 xD


And 3 + 6 = 9 :smiley:


I don’t have an account but seems I can go to your profile and listen to the songs there… :smile: :sun_with_face:


Exactly! Let’s to some math, and then i’ll get on with le lyrics:

1x9= 9
2x9= 18 (1+8=9)
3x9= 27 (2+7= 9)
4x9= 36 (3+6= 9)
5x9= 45 (4+5= 9)
6x9= 54 (5+4= 9)
7x9= 63 (6+3= 9)
8x9= 72 (7+2= 9)
9x9= 81 (8+1= 9)
10x9 = 90 (9+0=9)


It’s so obvious but at the same time so hidden haha. Bit off topic, but are you familiar with Marty Leeds? He does all these kind of numeral breakdowns on youtube


Exactly! most people don’t know about the magic of numbers and symbols (psss… The world runs on them), I have not heard of this dude but I searched him up and right next to his name a 33!!

Life is very deep. I myself indulged in reading more and concluded things which made me realize the beauty (an tragedy) that is all.

I will take a look into the dude, thanks for the heads up man!


Yeah for sure it’s all very interesting. Once you’ve watched some of Leeds’ videos you’ll see things on another level.

I also feel like people underestimate the power of these symbols, especially when they’re used in a dark way


Yeah, the level of realizing the architecture of life is fairly intriguing. Just by the sound of it I may be able to learn a bit more.

Yes, there are many things that people don’t realize unfortunately. Dark forces are definitely at play manipulating symbols. It is really hard to see for the common person, as this “life” is all they know about. They been conditioned to it from the womb, and sometimes til death, because some never see what others see. Its hard to think in a way that is outside the box. I mean I know, I have an IQ of 163 but can now explain with a firm grip to people what I have come to realize about life. But we can leave that for another time :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway… check the next post :wink:


Well I’d love to hear about your realizations on life! :slight_smile:


This song is kind of “LP’ish” with me rapping some verses and I’m gonna sing (yes SING!) the 2 choruses. I feel people need to seek answers within themselves at times as that’s the inner part that is missing, think Nobody can Save Me “Been searching somewhere out there
For what’s been missing right here”. We are so affected by the memes or conditioning society wants us to be, that we don’t empty our mind and let those “demons” put to rest, this is why we constantly end up down and depressed. This song is called RA and it is off my ONE mixtape (Early 2019?) <-- Think Symbolism.

I’ve seen through the veil
My ambition towards questioning if this is real
Little by little I start to peel
Starting to realize what’s the deal
Is it what I started to feel?
It’s all an illusion
Through the law of confusion
It would be an intrusion
To free will
But it takes a certain skill
To reveal
What’s been sealed
Within you
I got the clue
Through seeking
Internally, as it was wreaking
Havoc, on my mental state, but upon peeping
Intelligent infinity
I found the holy trinity
Indulging me in the divinity
Helping me connect the dots
Seeing different plots
Realizing how we aren’t far off from robots
How we are controlled
How we let the influences mold
Us, and in the grand scheme of things, they begin to unfold
This knowledge is worth gold
But many just give it the cold
Shoulder, because they have sold
Their mind and their soul
Unknowingly, only furthering the goal
Of those working in the shadows

Because today, it’s the day
I show the way and set you free
Today is the day
I take off your blindfold and let you see
Today is the day
I help you flee
These worldly grounds
Show you the magnificence of what surrounds
Today is the day

Through great darkness comes greater light
I’m here indulged in all its might
And even though what’s near my sight
Isn’t what I’d like
I still have faith that everything will be alright
And the darkness consumed in the fight
Will be a mere memory of the shining bright

Because today, it’s the day
I show the way and set you free
Today is the day
I take off your blindfold and let you see
Today is the day
I help you flee
These worldly grounds
Show you the magnificence of what surrounds
Today is the day
Today is the day
Today… is… the day…


Let’s get 3 people on board and I will explain the somewhat controversial topic of what Life is. All is LOVE!


Great lyrics and rhyming scheme, I can already hear the rapping as I read it.

Well we already have 3 people :smile:


It’s a nice song…I’m curious about your singing skills now… You’re rapping is really good!you have a nice voice for that! :heart_eyes: :blush: :sun_with_face:


@rickvanmeijel I will start a different thread to not bombard this thread, If anyone is interested, head in there. But please have an open mind. It is gonna be a crazy discussion and sanity may be broken lol.

@lpfan61 Back in the day when the site used to have a chat, I would pop up from time to time and sing LP songs. I got complimented by a couple of people, even to the point someone asked me If I sang at bars and stuff lol. This gave me confidence in a way to start singing.

But I turned to rapping as it was what appealed to my friends. They love the stuff I say, that its so deep and they can connect to it. To the point some asked me to burn CD’s for them and such. I did, and every CD has been unique (artwork wise). They always keep pushing me to write more stuff, but at times I run out of what to say. Then i pick up a book and go like “wow, how can i transcribe this and put it into words that people will understand?”, so begins another mixtape. Just yesterday I finished reading Brave New World By Aldous Huxley and wow, I saw so many similarities to today’s world.

I have a random sound recording of me in the shower lol, its like 20 mins long just saying random lines and some LP songs xD. Dunno if y’all wanna listen. I’m weird I know lol.


You have original stuff, so why not make a CD and see what it can keep to you!? And your lyrics are full of deep thoughts too…they’re nice!
Don’t you have that song recorded? (RA) :grinning:

Welcome to the Lunatic Protection Union… :laughing: :joy:


@lpfan61 Yes, I am gonna make another CD now lol. Glad you like my thoughts, they are full of enlightening information. As for recordings, the ONE sessions are in the process of lyrics so far, these are the songs I have finished so far:

1- RA
2- Times Like These
3- Let It Go
4- Fools Paradise (Wrote this on paper yesterday, planning a sample for it)

I am currently writing others and hoping to have 12-15 tracks by October at least. And guess I’m proud to be in the LPU xD.

@rickvanmeijel Let’s talk… Someday, you will understand


I agree, we should start a new thread to keep things organized haha. I’ve no idea what to call it though. EDIT: Never mind I see you already started the thread hahaha

Since your mixtape is still in the works, I’d be honored to provide you some musical stuff. That is if you’re open to collaborating of course :grin:


@rickvanmeijel Yup, I made it an LP lyric, which of course someday people will understand, whether it be this lifetime or ina thousand lifetimes xD.

That would be awesome, this can be possible, where do we start? lol

@lpfan61 I just said fudge it and will share that LP Bathroom session xD. My voice weakens the more I sing so please bear with me xD. Here’s a rundown of shorts that were sung:

1- Until It Breaks 2:45 (Short)
2- Nobody Can Save Me 2:54
3- One More Light 5:10
4- Roads Untraveled 8:38
5- The Messenger (Sloppy) 12:05
6- Big Empty (STP) 14:55
7- Breaking the Habit (Ending) 15:22
8- Crawling 16:15
9- In Pieces 17:45
10- Same on the Inside (STP w/ CB) 19:25

Don’t go rough on me xD.


Awesome! If possible, can you send me an acapella of one of your new tracks? I mean just you rapping/singing and maybe a click track in the background so I know the tempo. This way I can get into the mood and start producing from there on


Sure, gimme some time, I wrote a song on Paper yesterday called “Fools Paradise” and am thinking of including a sample on it. I am gonna try to see how I approach the song and will record it. Would a phone recording be ok?