The best and the worst


Hi! I had idea for thread like this some time ago. And here it is.
Just write, which songs are the best/the worst as…and there are “categories”:

  1. The best show opener:
  2. The best show closer:
  3. The best LP live song:
  4. The best “no-big hit” song:
  5. The best “big hit” song:
  6. The best LPU song:
  7. The best album intro (instrumental):
  8. The best album opener (normal song with vocals etc):
  9. The best album closer:

and “the worst” categories:

  1. The worst LP live song:
  2. The worst show closer:
  3. The worst show opener
  4. The worst “big hit” song:
  5. The worst “no-big hit” song:

Make your lists and share it here. Hope you’ll enjoy this thread :slight_smile:

I’ll try make my lists later.


I need some time to revisit all the live shows that I have of LP to answer this :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow this is incredibly difficult. I tried to make my list, but I feel like it would be a little bit different every time. May be the same for a lot of people here, right? :slight_smile:

** DISCLAIMER: every item is subject to change. :smiley:


Ok, this is hard but as of right now, here’s my list:

Best show opener: Session (shortened version) that goes straight into Given Up
Best show closer: Although I do like Bleed It Out a lot with the extended bridge, the drum solo and the sing-along, I prefer One Step closer with the extended outro for a closer.
Best live song: Tough one… I’ll go with Somewhere I Belong
Best “no big hit” song: Little Things. That song is pure magic.
Best “big hit” song: Numb
Best LPU song: No Laundry
Best album intro (instrumental): Wake
Best album opener: Papercut
Best album closer: A Line In The Sand

Worst live song: Crawling
Worst show closer: Don’t have one
Worst show opener: In the End (Keyboard Intro)
Worst “big-hit” song: Crawling (I can’t stand this song, lol sorry)
Worst “no big-hit” song: Until It Breaks


Best show opener: One Step closer Play it anywhere!
Best show closer: One Step closer. Bleed It Out was never able to bring me to the high at which I wanted a show to end.
Best live song: Breaking the Habit/ From the Inside (Depends)
Best “no big hit” song: Valentine’s Day
Best “big hit” song: What I’ve Done
Best LPU song: Primo (I’ll Be Gone - Longform 2010 Demo)
Best album intro (instrumental): Opening
Best album opener: Keys to the Kingdom
Best album closer: Numb

I tried to put as much variety as possible else I would have just answered One Step Closer for all the best ones. Worst, Another round of videos is up.


The best show opener:
With You (cannot be OSC right? see below)
The best show closer: One Step Closer
The best LP live song: A Place For My Head (Everyone loves the various Essaul demos don’t they?)
The best “no-big hit” song: Easier To Run (Everyone wants them to play again)
The best “big hit” song:
Crawling (Why would anyone hate it???)
The best LPU song: What We Don’t Know
(Should replace What I’ve Done)
The best album intro (instrumental): Wake. If can be from LPU it’ll be Homecoming.
The best album opener (normal song with vocals etc):
Papercut, otherwise Lost In The Echo
The best album closer: Pushing Me Away
The worst LP live song: New Divide
The worst show closer: One of those Jay-Z collaborations (Except Numb Encore) Jay-Z Ruins The Originals

  • can’t remember which one don’t make me relisten.
    The worst show opener: Intro/GATS
    The worst “big hit” song: New Divide (I’m sick of it and What I’ve Done; can’t stand it no more)
    The worst “no-big hit” song:
    ALTNC (Ew EDM - wasn’t a big hit was it?)


The best show opener: A Place For My Head (w/ 2012 Long Intro) or With You (w/ 2001 Intro)
The best show closer: One Step Closer
The best LP live song: Breaking The Habit or APFMH
The best “no-big hit” song: A Line In The Sand
The best “big hit” song: From The Inside (was it big hit? It’s a single, so I put it here)
The best LPU song: Primo
The best album intro (instrumental): Opening
The best album opener (normal song with vocals etc): Keys To The Kingdom or Lost In The Echo
The best album closer: Tinfoil/Powerless

The worst LP live song: Lies Greed Misery/New Divide (after 2011)/Burn It Down(after 2012)
The worst show closer: Bleed It Out sorry, but BIO ending a show is nothing compared to OSC ending the show :stuck_out_tongue:
The worst show opener: One Step Closer (it always should close the show)
The worst “big hit” song: Crawling
The worst “no-big hit” song: Runaway/Hit The Floor/Wastelands/Nobody’s Listening


Just came across this survey on Reddit, I think it’s kinda similar so I’ll leave it here. Hope that’s ok with you. :slight_smile:
Would be cool if some of you would fill it out as well…


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