The Best and Worst of LP


Hi, I’m new to these forums so please excuse me if 200 of these threads exist. I thought I might kick off my first topic by asking you guys what you think are the best and worst parts of LP, not just in songs and vids but as a whole.

-The songs (Duh)
-Rob’s epic drumming (especially in Faint and In Pieces)
-The fact that the guys know how to have fun instead of being obsessed with only their music.

-Studio mixing. As a type of mini audiophile I like my sound quality. Now don’t get me wrong, the music doesn’t sound dreadful, but I would like a bit of emphasis on some highs and low and certain instruments in some of the songs.

For example, in the beginning Runaway when Rob and Brad first come in, they are at the exact same volume as as Joe’s scratching/techno part and they all drown each other out because they are at the same ‘volume’ if you like. A lot of other times Brad is a bit over powered.

-Recharged. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too fond of it. It just wasn’t LP. Reanimation was good I liked Living Things too.


Best things:

  • their music of course
  • their ambition, not to adjust their music on public opinions
  • (as far as I can tell) their characteristics. They seem to be nice and grounded. Plus they are genuinely involved in non-profit purposes.
  • their interaction with fans

Worst things:

  • they are are a super famous band. No small and familiar shows. Concert tickets are sold old very quick regularly.
  • Coop with Steve Aoki wasn’t my taste
  • And I also dislike Recharged


Best things would probably include how they’ve helped me through a lot in life and how they’ve always been there. Their live shows, and plenty of other things I can’t put a finger on at the moment.

The worst? Many, or most, of their special events and benefits for LPUers are always Los Angeles-based. I know, it’s their hometown, but there’s a variety of other avenues for some events, too.


Best things: A numerous category,

the music - especially since they have serious artistic ambitions and also a fun side and it varies by release.
their attitude toward life and their fans.
their shows.

The things I don’t like are more specific,

Being mega popular brings in some annoying, entitled fans, and also being mega popular means they have to keep their distance from said fans.

Their personal side projects (as in stuff the band members themselves put effort into to sell) historically targeted Apple fans, males, or people with a hell of a lot of money to waste, so they’re not always very inclusive.

But the important thing is that praises are broad and the negatives are specific. I think that’s the mark of doing the right thing.


Strange, I’ve been reading other forums and I seem to be the only one who doesn’t feel that they’re studio mixing is up to scratch.