The Bunker/Command


Seeing as we have another issue on the loose, let’s add a bit of order:
-No flagging anything on this thread in order to keep open, if it’s spammed so be it, ignore it
-no infighting or there’ll be hell

  • open thread to chat per se, whether it be what to do or just general communication

To add a little lp flavor(the forums have gone into devastation :stuck_out_tongue:) :

Ps:don’t let this dumbass or any other knock your day down, enjoy it (maybe a little less than @the_termin8r who seems to be thriving and full of life lmao)… I just mean steer into the skid and have fun with it-don’t give any idiot the satisfaction of it ruining your day


Good idea…


Goes to show just how vapid my life is. :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming:

As of now the locked thread count is on 8.


I guess we won’t be playing the portal game since the threads were opened again. :confused:


Uh what game?!

Lol but nice idea for the thread! :joy: Seriously @framos1792 . Anyone van come in here @iridescent13 lol… already suspended?


I’m forseeing a future where the flagocalypse has happened and this is the only open thread left. Everyone is seeking shelter in this bunker and it’s one big chaos


If that is the case than it will only be a matter of time until this thread goes down too.


Nooo not the bunker! :joy:


Have you never seen any apocalypse films with a command bunker? :joy:


Yeah but usually it’s the crazy weirdos who have the foresight to have a bunker


Okay so first we have to weed out the psychopaths among us hahaha


You don’t have to worry about me! Or do you…


I’ll see myself out :smirk:


You and @gatsie were the first persons I thought of when I wrote that post :joy::see_no_evil:

Just kidding of course


I would have thought that I would be the first. :joy:


Careful, self-fulfilling prophecy haha

It’s our inside joke since we three met in Amsterdam. We can never be sure if one of us secretly is a psychopath or wants to get others killed by traffic :joy:


Killed by traffic? You people are so inexperienced.


Yeah but then you saw that it was not me…all @gatsie fault. In fact I warned you of incoming traffic :joy::joy:

And termin8r you have no idea how she tricked us into on coming traffic


You guys :joy:


Inexperienced? What could be worse? :sweat_smile: :joy:

Madness! Hahahaha