The Catalyst needs a comeback!


Hey everyone :smile:
The Catalyst is a masterpiece and it´s one of LP´s best live songs! I get goosebumbs everytime when watching it live. The song is very emotinal and I never seen Chester performing a song from their newer albums with such a passion like The Catalyst in London 2011. His scream on the brigde - just amazing!
What do you think about the song? Could a comeback be possible or maybe not?


Nah, I’d rather they don’t play it again. It takes 2 spots in the set (since it’s long), plus the performances aren’t great since neither Mike nor Chester sing it perfectly (because it’s too hard for them).


I love this song. it is full of energy and it’s an amazing song from the start to the end and I would like to listen it every day but I’m absolutely agree with @EvoOba, it’s too hard for them…they should keep the voice very high for the sound and you can see from the veins of mike while singing it :scream: But Yes the performace in London was incredible. I love it


Even though it might not be perfect. I would still love to hear it live again. Yes it’s a difficult song and they need to catch their breathe afterwards. But the passion it radiates… touches my core every single time.


YES!!! I want the Catalyst to come back in rotation for the live shows!! I absolutely LOVE this song and when performed live it is Amazing!!


Sure, it’s great live but I think they decided to take it off the setlist for space and energy purposes and not so much cause it’s hard for them. It is understandable too, they can’t have many ballads or 6min long songs with “lift me up, let me go”’ being sung for like 5min lol.


It’s up to Linkin Park to change and add songs, but I can see what you are talking about. I don’t know how I would feel if they ever take me away ;-; I’ve seen, heard, lived The Catalyst live before but I do not remember it. What special effects do they use for TC? I remember Burn it Down, I could feel the fire :3 it made to think of the Undertaker…


Average LP concertgoer attitude: “HURRR LP HASN’T DONE ANYTHING GOOD SINCE THAT TRANSFORMERS SONG.” Two of the three singles from their current album have already been dropped in favor of stuff like From the Inside that’s been played a million times. Why revive a six-minute song from “that shitty techno album” when people would rather just hear everything from Hybrid Theory again?

Doesn’t matter if the few dozen LPU members in a given audience think a song’s good, the people whose knowledge of Linkin Park is defined by what they heard on the radio 10 years ago are the ones they cater to when they come up with their setlists. Sad, but true.


It’s nice to hear songs from new albums, but a lot of the stuff from Hybrid Theory and Meteora are a lot more exciting to hear since they seem to have a lot more energy to them. Not to say newer ones don’t, but compared, I’d say HT and Meteora have more. That being said, it’s really odd they dropped A Place for My Head for the most part.

I thought the last show I went to had a decent amount of everything, though. I don’t really look into recent show setlists much anymore, though, since if the opportunity comes to see them soon, I don’t want to know what songs are coming, one-by-one.


I understand this need people have to listen to stuff from HT and Meteora, even the demos some people keep asking for. They’re energetic, dynamic and definitely pump you up during the show.
Personally, ATS is my favorite album and I loved hearing some of its songs live. It’s just that a couple songs like The Catalyst aren’t that exciting after hearing them twice or more live (for me at least). On the other hand though, I wouldn’t say no to Little Things returning to the set, I consider it one of the most amazing songs they’ve ever written. Then again, I wanted them to play more THP songs live (since they’re fresh and new and exciting) but oh well…