The challenge thread


Guess what, I’m bored (again) so I’ve come up with this:

In this thread you have to set doable (but not easy) challenges for other users.

-You have to tag a user (you can tag up to 3 at once)
-You then set them a challenge to complete on the forum in/for a set amount of time
-The user that has been tagged has to complete the challenge and then report back here to say whether or not they succeeded.
-If they DID succeed (they might need to show evidence for some challenges) it will be their turn to tag somebody.
-If they DIDN’T succeed then they can’t tag somebody else. If this happens I will tag somebody instead.
-Challenges have to be realistic (this doesn’t mean easy), you can’t tag somebody and tell them to make 500 posts in a day.
-You can’t tag yourself
-If a person is already doing a challenge they can’t be tagged twice
-If you miss your challenge for whatever reason, it counts as a loss/forfeit

If you’re unsure as to what you’re doing then just ask. There isn’t going to be a winner and loser as there are no prizes.

I’ll start with an easy one:

Your challenge is to write all of your posts in reverse (in standard size font @intheend :eyes:) for the rest of the day. Report back at the end of the day to tag somebody else.

Can you touch your shoulders?
Guess the music video
Last letter game vol III
The Last Post Thread

…siht was tsuj ,hhhhO
!ni m’I ,kO


?kceh eht tahw


I’m bored, it’s just a bit of fun. I sense that revenge is coming for me :laughing:


oot siht was tsuj .tihs hhhho


You haven’t been tagged lol, you can write properly.


@BELL_LP must secretly be @intheend


I don’t know where @intheend is today, but I’m counting this as a forfeit (I’m assuming her time zone is similar to mine as she posts at roughly the same time as me) and I have to tag somebody else and give them a challenge.

I tag @TripleXero

Your challenge is to work one or more of the band members’ names into every single reply you make for the whole day (US time).

Also @EvoOba and @Gatsie , It’s time for you to challenge somebody.



I challenge:
@amitrish , @The_early_walker and @intheend [rematch for you my dear]

Your challenge:
For the whole day, you will post everywhere on this forum you reply to accompanied with a funny Linkin Park related GIF.


Y U make this tuf, but I a up for it.


Good good, Unfortunately I again don’t see @intheend or @the_early_walker doing their challenge…

So I will put @the_termin8r1 and @BELL_LP up for the same challenge as @amitrish:

All day you will post everywhere on this forum you reply to accompanied with a funny Linkin Park Gif.


You’re on


The bunny poopies are waiting for @intheend



I reckon I’ve completed my challenge today

Time to tag somebody again


Until tomorrow evening (GMT) you have to include a believable lie in every post you make but don’t tell anybody what/where the lie is.


ot so guys I´m back, two days of crazy swirl (I removed the worl stress out of my live, I´m only feeling in the swirl. So the whole day I´m a LYER; OH WHAT A FUN!!!
And real Rob its a real nice idea! Is the guy in the video explaining. technical stuff really not yourself?

So I´m on my lying trip today, hope you won´t get me!


(@The_early_walker Why did u reply well before me; actuellement a few hours ago I predicted the lie that you are not coming.)

Why, why, why, you evil “machine” (I know u & @intheend are actually not machines). And why did you change the tagging from @intheend to @amitrish?

Do u know that I haven’t been 100% truthful in the forums in the first place? This below:

I was really talking about my niece (my sister is too old for that kind of shit), but don’t wanna be seemed as too old.


I like every post here on the forum especially these ones, with at min answers on three pints the same time, thats so rational, don´t loose or use too much time to post every single post on its own, this is a really good idea, keeps our rare time sheltered


Lying is easy online. For all you know I could have been lying to you all along about everything.


I love that challange you gave to me that fits 100%for me… thanks Rob. Is the boy on the yt vid you or not? I have to know bfore I die! :pray: