The Christmas Thread


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Apologies to anybody who I may have missed, I think maybe missed newer members but hopefully most are there, regardless happy holidays to everyone who makes this place as special as it is

In case it’s not really noticeable, it’s meant to be an acrostic poem, I was trying a full anagram but after a few hours I gave up lol and tryna rhyme everyone in lyrics or poem wasn’t working either lol


Thanks @IronSoldier16 and @framos1792
Agree, it’s just great to have people here who are the same souls as we are and that we care for each other, and that one is there for the other, always. To share laughing and rage, joy and tears with each other in this very hard year especially-

we build up a family! And we are all a part of it! I am very thankfull to have my place in this great community- and everybody reading this rn has his place inhere too! Together we make the diffrence! So I don’t tag nobody to just share my xmas wishes with all of you, reading this right now!

You make a diffrence - and together we are able to make a change, each day- everywhere! Be blessed family :star2:


I hope the holidays are good to everyone here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

Thank you @framos1792
Merry Christmas everyone


Thank you for all your good wishes!

I wish you all a happy Christmas day and a perfect new year’s eve! Since i’ve been there, I’ve felt the warmth of this family and loved it. Thank you to each of you who make me feel welcome and feel good. :kissing_heart:

I love winter because I’m in love with snow and the coldness of this season.

In my family, we use to have a great dinner on christmas Eve, and we make a gift to each of us the 25th.


@rorybourdon MERRY xmas morning to you! :hugs: - I ate too much, now I’m fat. I wish the same for you…well, not the fat bit…at least not permanently, just for today. And lots of good stuff and things okies! :muscle: :balloon: :+1:

@lilyope I love winter too! Everyone is always down on it - but it’s my favourite. But it’s summer here for us - so I’m miss grumpy face for now :smiley:


Well I’m at work. I actually drew a Christmas tree lol it’s not good


At least you ain’t this person… :rofl:


Merry Christmas (ya filthy animals!)


Merry Christmas everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


@aaran how niiice :hugs::sunny::tada: happy holidays- and @anngelenee saw your IG - soo nice pics :heart_eyes: happy holidays to you both :sunny:


Thank you for the beautiful message @IronSoldier16! Thank you @framos1792! Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays. May this day bring some form of brightness in all your lives


Thank you so much ! :slightly_smiling_face: Big hugs for you :hugs: :kissing_heart:


It’s a tradition in my house for me to open one present on Christmas Eve. I got the CD Rise by Skillet


Happy Easter people :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


:thinking: haha


Great CD! Just make sure you turn up the headphone volumes by 20% :stuck_out_tongue: