The Christmas Thread


Yaaay- finally something new to hear- my ears were already annoyed :joy::joy: @acemasters


What about the concert tickets you bought yourself?


But it’s not a surprise. There is no thrill of opening it


:joy::joy::joy:- but the joy of expecting it and looking forward! It’s a great selfreward :+1:t2:


Yeah well I’m not complaining. But I feel a bit jealous of people sharing their gifts. So I will avoid social media until year after Christmas


Honestly I stopped being surprised by gifts maybe a decade ago mainly because my parents ask me what I want for xmas. That way they don’t get me something I hate. It’s better that way.



Any 9gagger?


Nope, sorry; at least I’m not.


Well I bought a bottle of wine with my last money and I will be drinking until I’m so drunk I can’t move. Or until the alcohol is finished


Happy Holidays @framos1792! I hope everyone in here has a great Christmas and New Years! :grin:. This family means a lot to me and I am grateful for it :sparkling_heart: love you all!


my OML live album doesn’t arrive yet… I think I will recieve before today…but… Santa ignore me hahaha


@ashesoftime Same for me!


Merry Christmas to all my lp family have a bless day.


Merry Christmas to everyone here


Mine is in Mordor. I will never get it back. I need four hobbits one elf two humans one wizard and a dwarf to go and get it for me


Just get a giant eagle, problem solved.


This is Christmas well done for me! A massive thank you goes to my mum and dad for these presents! :heart::heart::heart:


Mum and Dad ingenuity in the last present!


Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank you merry Christmas to you everyone that’s reads this and merry Christmas to Chester were he is