The Christmas Thread




What. Do. You. Want???


awww <3 Thank you!!! Beautiful handwritting!


Oh to wish my favorite brat a merry Christmas since you’re on naughty list haha


Happy holidays, Christmas, New Year and happy everything to everyone!! :smile:


happy holidays :sunglasses: :dark_sunglasses:


Sorry, I think I misspelled your name :confused:


Hey so where is the Rory from? You have a very pretty name :slight_smile:


A TV show character if I remember correctly.


no you didn’t! How do you know my name anyway? lol did i say it?

@framos1792 Rory is from a tv show called Gilmore Girls


Of course she has a pretty name, she’s married to Mr Bourdon


exactly! :smiley:


Oh good then! And I know it from the other thread :slightly_smiling_face:


oh, probably the fangirling zone?


Lord of the rings


No, the Tag, you’re it one!


That…that didn’t make sense


So i will admit, I hadn’t noticed it…I was in a hurry and it was the first wrapping paper I saw, my son however busted out with a giant smile and said “Merry Mikemas Mom!” We might not have a had a tree but we definitely had LP with us​:sparkling_heart::blue_heart::heartpulse:


That is cuties thing that I have heard for the Holiday s


I meant since you were on naughty list you weren’t getting any merry christmases so I was being compassionate geez