The Christmas Thread


That’s so adorable! Merry Christmas to you again.


@danni1317, that was so adorable! Hope you had a good merry Christmas! Love from the UK!


That is the cutest.

Also, hope everyone who celebrates had a Merry Christmas. If you don’t hope you have/had happy holidays.


Merry Christmas to you all lpunderground family


@framos1792 merry Christmas and happy holidays


It was hard write it, so I can imagine what you mean :hugs: :hugs:

It’s the least I can do for you all, after these months here things have been better. Thanks!

Me too, but with the time we will do.

For those who didn’t see or get it for X reason.

What’s matter is the intention :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I loved this part, wise words @theearlywalker

I agree! Full inspiration here :smile: :smile:

Same wishes for you.

You’re always welcome!!

Thank you very much! I like the simpleness of your draw, it gives more life and it’s more beautiful.

You’re welcome!

Neither me, but hey! At least we have friends and family here, that’s better than any stupid material thing.

See you later, be careful because the next year will be a great experience!

Well… That’s some of the reasons why I don’t give gifts, I never know what to give others.

I follow them on Instagram.

Each member is important for me, and you are not the exception.

Let’s “talk” with him jajaja

Let’s go for it then.

I had forgotten! Sorry, I hope that you had a good day yesterday.

You’re such welcome!!

I couldn’t watch it.

I’m happy that you could enjoy it! Thanks for your wishes!

Oh God! We’ll need backups now Jaja.

Happy everything for you too bro.

And one last thing: I am stealing the @Honey8’s idea jajaja goodnight everyone, 1:15 here.


Thanx so much bro @IronSoldier16 - good job :sunny:️ Found your summarization and just enjoyed it! You did it great, as our lovely @Honey8 does always! Thank you both for your summaries- so nothing and nobody gets lost inhere :grin::+1:t2:


Oh then waito… lemme check that thing…

Aww i got that. No problem! Jajaja :v::wink:

Better than me! Perfect summarizing :wink::wink::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::heart:

Have a great day guys. I’ll be back soon. Today will complete one chapter of accounts then only see forums… :eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a good day dear sister :heart::hugs::sunny:


Thanks a loot dear! :kissing_heart: Same to you! :partly_sunny:


I’m pretty late saying this, even considering the US is the one of the last places to celebrate the holidays due to timezones, but merry Christmas everyone!


poor Hawaii :joy: 1 week from now and we will be in 2018!!!


Hope everyone had a great christmas!

Mine was pretty quiet.
We celebrate my mum’s side of the family a week or two before because there’s so many of us. Then Christmas day we celebrate my dad’s side of the family which is very small.
It was super hot this year (in australia) which sucks when im pale and all of my wardrobe is black band tees haha


My Christmas was very quiet . I say home and cook I have called my family and my boy’s . But i do what i do best go to my older lady house and help her with some stuff.


Christmas passed so fast but I have great time with friends and family today I have really lazy day watching movies and spending time with my parents.


Happy holidays!!
I am late for Christms, but still in time for New Year and other holidays :grin:


Never too late! Glad to see you :grin:


Thanks for the wishes! And same to ya ! :smile::smile:


@ everyone of you - So much Love in this room - I cant stand it - more please more


Hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday!