The Christmas Thread


I had a good Christmas . How was your Christmas


Great. Got lots of presents, more than what I was expecting and some pretty rare items. A late present turned up today!


Still recovering from 3 days lasting Christmas chaos but it was good.


@gatsie Too much party those 3 days?? :rofl::rofl::joy:
Leave some energy for the new year :laughing: :laughing:


No worries! Old/New Years is gonna be another energy draining feast of chaos :stuck_out_tongue:


Even tho it’s not Christmas anymore my friend got me my present a little late and got me a Chester t-shirt. I’ve never been happier. I cried :sob:


Who cares if is not longer Christmas, that’s the best present of all! Happy New Year!


Thank you!! Happy new year to you too :slight_smile:


Out of likes :confused:

Your welcome! Already in the new year?


Not yet 6 hours to go!


Same here @arya_92 want 2017 just to be over


Seven hours left!


I’m already in the new year!


I can travel as I please, I’ve been to 15026 already. Pretty boring.


Lol! Do the terminators take over?


You’ll have to find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Next time you go will you take me with you[ please]


No, I work alone.


Yeah! Cool dude! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Merry Christmas? Haha ok I know it’s too early, but when we realize, we will be in New Year party :joy: