The Comfort That I Found In My Thoughts


The Comfort That I Have Found In My Thoughts.
Your wordy thoughts of the past are now imprinted forever in the time capsule of our minds of tomorrow. Your voice has helped so many in times of difficulty. It was this voice of yours that has helped me to get off my ass during those lazy, and unmotivated times of mine. It was this hint of anger, and hint of love and kindness that was felt in your voice as it vibrated and disturbed the surrounding molecular environment of mine, and which had me pointed to the wrongs in the world’s doing. For this I am grateful as I could have missed so much on my own. Aside from all, sometimes it feels, as if it has been paid with one more light than went out. Your presence will always remain with me, everywhere.
I find it that during times like these, that are brought upon us with these sudden unfortunate and tragic events, that make it so difficult to accept its reality. And, in times like these, that sometimes come earlier than expected. However, everything that we borrow from earth, will and must be returned back to earth at some point, so that we can become of its natural state, and be part and contribute to everything once again.
With every breath that I inhale, or whether it will be the wind or rain that has touched upon my skin, it will be you that I feel. Everytime that I gaze upon the stars at night, there you will be, taking on one of our purest natural forms, as a stardust you will be traveling to, of yet to be discovered reaches of the universe. And, as the time continues to move on, your presence will be felt everywhere.
Thank you for coming here and changing and touching my life, as well as the lives of so many others. Chester Bennington, you truly fucking rock.
- Peter W.P.