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So sweet. Thank you beautiful person :hugs:



Discobot made me do it! Haha!


This video made me smile.


For those that didn’t catch it. It wasn’t up that long, anyway.


Thanks dude, it was good to hear him say some of that
I think it’s kind of how a lot of people do feel and coming from him I think maybe it could even sting some people still upset about his passing away but it’s a wake up call to as he said…keep on living and put that in the past
There’s new beginnings to things and that should be awesome to consider
I think he’s leaving the door open to LP but sounds like his mindset is to keep doing his thing
I think that’s perfectly fine
I don’t usually hear him talk so much on live but to me it sounded like he was annoyed with people thinking his videos are all about Chester lol…


The thing I got from that…

- Yes, Chester ultimately lost his battle with depression.
- With Post Traumatic, as Mike’s stated numerous times, the record starts in a dark place, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
- Much like the record, as Mike’s been on the road and doing his own thing for a while now…I understand Mike’s going to places he hasn’t been since Chester died, and there are still people in these places he hasn’t interacted with yet…But Chester’s been gone well over a year now.
- Mike said that, obviously it affects Linkin Park’s future, but time heals all wounds, and it isn’t something that hangs over their head on a day-to-day basis as much as it did last year.
- And as Mike said, people just need to live their lives, and…continue to make Chester proud, but, I guess, not to obsess over his death. He’s doing his own thing and touring and supporting a new album that he’s proud of, and everybody just needs to…essentially move on.


Thank you for the video! I love his smiling face. :heart_eyes::hugs::grin: Of course we’ll keep in touch Mike! :grin:


Thanx Andy :+1:t2: @LP13413 … and I need to sleep over this at first… it … leaves me thinking :thinking:


He put a new one later today. Saying almost the same things.


Except it was the politically correct version :joy::grin:

I’m sure you noticed the sweater logo was three colors and knew it was a sign :roll_eyes::grimacing::yum::hugs:


He’s right though saying what he said about Chester. I understand that it affects everyone differently, but you can’t let it hit you all the time and let yourself be miserable. Its an unfortunate situation, and we all love Chester, but it happened and its over with. If Mike, who was like a brother to Chester can get over it, than everyone else should try to as well. Make Chester Proud and remember he loves you and wants you to be happy.


Don’t go biting your tongue :rage: now get over it and LIVE :triumph::smiley:


I’m not biting my tongue. Clearly I said this

Of course we all will still be affected by it, that won’t change or go away totally, but we all have the power to to turn it around into something good when it does happen.