The Dark Shade - Honey8


The new one recently written… It was the fastest. I completed it in around 40 mins. Had to think a bit for title and then @acemasters suggested :slight_smile:

When everything goes right
Something’s ready to give you frights
They just wait for a moment
To end your happiness in sight

It comes like a wrecking ball
Faster than the speed of light
Goes away giving you
Emptiness and cold blood inside

When this all happened
I was sitting on my bed
It was four in the morning
Working with trigo trying best

I got a message in my android
That let me devoid
Gave me frights and shrills
And cold blood stood chill

I dropped my pen that moment
Got feelings cold and low
Immediately felt so sick
That moment went without a glow

Completely filled in darkness
Saw out of the window
Felt like just a crack
In this castle of glass

And there was an owl who
Seemed like consoling me
Telling a truth of life
Time + cracks are heals

“Adopt the pace of nature
Her secret is patience”
Throw out your pain
In form of tears or screams

I promise after that
You’ll feel relaxed and clam
Just need to sit in silence
And believe for no more harms

“We learn what doesn’t kills us
And makes us more stronger”
To be audacious and stand
The waves of frights more longer

Human heartbeats have proved
That life is never steady
There are ups and downs
Straight line means dead and empty

So be strong in this play
And let it continue today
Have courage to face your fears
And enjoy a bit by the bay!



hope not missing someone…


It’s very uplifting for me :slightly_smiling_face:

@acemasters has some strong competition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks :smile:

lol no!! I ain’t
He has written so many…i guess this is just my fifth.
From next time i will tag you too if you want :slight_smile:


I’d like that, thank you
I’m sure you’ll reach your goal and keep sharing them :smiley:


lol for what?

yeah!! thnx a looot !! :smiley:
But no ballads till 2 weeks… exams ahead … they will be soon after that :slight_smile:


I have 38 songs on my phone
100’s in my archives
4 in process

@Honey8 however it’s not about quanity it’s about quality
And so far i have seen all quailty songs

@framos1792 @Honey8 will find the time to write more but i as I said to @Honey8 its not about quanity but quaility :grin:


Great Job! :+1:


OMG!!! Damn cool…you are so great @acemasters !!!:smiley::smiley::smiley:

You are so good… Thankx!!’ (I want to like that post more than once!!)


Hence the master in your name @acemasters :raised_hands:


I do agree…hats off to him…salute! :raised_hands:


Maybe I can tell you the story how the name Ace Masters came about :grin:


Absolutely, story time, story time!


Yeah … Its night here and I was going to sleep…
My bedtime story … :no_mouth:
Title : Acemasters :smiley::smiley:




I am cooking dinner and phone is on charge​:grin::grin::grin:


@Honey8 knocked out waiting for you :stuck_out_tongue:


@Honey8 can you tag me the next time, please?

So… @acemasters and you write song.
Is someone else here or just the two of you?

Maybe someday I will write songs, I’m not good in that area, I am more to write shorts histories and narrative in general than songs.


Sure :slight_smile:

Who said man? Try… You are gonna make amazing ones… I bet



I wrote a song with my brother the last week, but is unfinished.
I have the lyrics. The melody (in my mind.) And the story behind of it. But still missing the connection between the lyrics and the history.


I can help you if you want…But sorry I have my exams…no time now…probably after 2 weeks…
Currently just checking my forums…got 23 notifications… + many unread and new(which I aint gonna see now) … I will help everyone in anything but everything after 2weeks… :frowning: