The Emoji Trivia Game


Okay, so we’re gonna play the emoji game that Linkin Park played not too long ago. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Look it up on YouTube!) I’ll go first, and then you guys keep it going after I say who gets it right, because I want to play too! :slight_smile:

First Song Title: :clock1:4️⃣:end:


Waiting for the end

But I don’t want to go as I’m busy so someone else can.


Good job :slight_smile:


:high_heel: :zap:


Lightning Heels?

No idea…


Heel Thunder - is about all I can come up with…
Pump Power?

@tierrabarren - yay! I was thinking of setting up the same thing this weekend!! Bet me to it!


Sry im bad at the game its supposed to be high voltage😣
Somebody down below go for it pls


You’re not bad - we suck! That was clever!!!



Try this one. :slight_smile:


Upright Cop? :exploding_head: Yeah, I suck at this…LOL


One way police man


Wisdom justice and love (I’ll go with the video :slight_smile: )


Oh of course! Nice one


I thought that but the 1st and second one got me like huh?


I cannot see some of the symbols maybe they are from iphone and they are policeman t4… so it was just a guess!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah I have the same! So this is why I was like hmm what the heck is that? Anyway your turn!



(It probably sucks but let’s try!!!)


Ohhhhh! A new game ! :rofl:
Ummm… :thinking:
Down with the sickness?? ( disturbed)


No it’s linkin park:)


My December?