The Emoji Trivia Game


Surely you are better than myself at this type of thing :joy:


Nah!!:laughing::laughing: Lol


Bleed It Out?


Here we go for the 100th time
Hand grenade pins in every line
Throw em up and let something shine
Going out of my fucking mind


Sweet. Let me think of one.

If someone has an idea for one before I post, go ahead!




Wisdom, Jusice, and Love?



Lol I knew it was easy. My creative juices were not flowing this time


Haha, I’m usually crap at this game anyway :joy:

:fist: :arrow_up: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :ghost:


Waiting For The End?


Hands held high?


Yes, its Waiting For The End

With fists flying up in the air
Like we’re holding on to something that’s invisible there
Cause we’re living at the mercy of the pain and the fear
(And I thought the coding I gave wasn’t good :joy:)




I know its not an LP song, but Crossing a Line?


No it’s not that


Lost in the Echo?


No, it’s older than that




Nope it’s not


Lying From You?