The Emoji Trivia Game


Wretches and Kings?


When They Come For Me?


I swear I spent so long trying to figure this out earlier, but I keep coming back to ATS.


Both no
Hint: It’s older than ATS


In The End? (I doubt it)



Two more guesses and I’ll give you another hint :wink:




Hit The Floor?


Both no
OK, hint: it’s older than Meteora and newer than Hybrid Theory


If its not from the reanimation album, then idk, im out lol.


Yes, it’s from Reanimation :grin:
All you have to do now is guess which song :+1:




No, not that one


When you listen to it you become upside down and you go mad and you make the entire town go mad!! :joy::joy::joy::laughing::laughing:

It’s like every time i come to this thread i am like this just isn’t my cup of tea! :joy:


Yes, it’s a secret track on this record and it’s called Everybody’s Mad :joy:


lol :joy: :joy: i’d love to hear that secret track!






Frgt/10 (feat. The Alchemist & Chali 2na)


Yeees! :grinning:

Listen to the sound, dizzy from the ups and downs
And nauseated by the polluted rot that’s all around