The Emoji Trivia Game


Yes @Marilau!

Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again


Yay! Always trust first impressions! :smile::grin:
Let’s see…

:arrow_right::national_park: :speaking_head::x:


Okay i will not reply this time :joy::joy::joy:


You can reply how many times you want to, it’s so nice to hear your words. Plus you make really laugh! :laughing:


Lol thanks :joy::joy:

When sun sets, families go to the hillside, river, and then they are not allowed to speak?! :joy: What?! Lol . Did LP has smthg like this in any of their songs?!


I actually have the brightest smile of my whole day! Do you want a clue?


I am just a troll in this game :joy::joy: let others guess… ! @lpfan61 @chigokurosaki @framos1792 :smiley::smiley:


I’m just as bad in this game :sweat_smile:


lol same :sweat_smile:


Hands Held High


@IronSoldier16 no, but thanks for having tried!

I’ll give you all a clue:

When :high_brightness: (lights) :arrow_right::x:
And :family_man_woman_girl_boy: (we) :eyes:
:arrow_right::national_park: in :speaking_head::x:


I’ll be go.


When lights go out we sit in the dark talking about… what?! :joy:


@IronSoldier16 Right! :tada:
@Honey8 good lines! Mike, please, notice these and put them in a song: it would be really cool :wink:


Thanks! But I go out now. Whoever wants to go, it’s free.


:joy::joy: Lol they were just random lines c’mon!

I go then! :smiley: For the first time in foreverrrrr! :joy:


Easy one… fast!!


Leave Out All The Rest?


No… try again. It’s good clue… find it.


Promises I Can’t Keep


Go ahead dude!

I’ll troll then.