The Emoji Trivia Game


You had to specify it was from Mike :joy:


:arrow_right::anguished: :arrow_right:️ (:mask: :face_with_thermometer:)
:arrow_right:️ (:hushed: :astonished:) :arrows_counterclockwise: :point_down:
(:no_mouth: :hole:️) :imp: :scream: :x: :eyes:


Lost In The Echo!

Just a thing guys: don’t put round brackets unless you want to specify something or we can get confused :woozy_face:


When I use brackets, it means the emojis mean the same word.


Sorry didn’t understand it


Yes, it’s Lost in the Echo!

Exactly :wink:


No, it is ok. I just wanted to explain.


Alright guys, I give the chance to write to everyone who wants to, I got no time and most of all no ideas :laughing: Have fun!


Alright :joy: something to troll!

You go right you see sad and ill person, time passes and person dies soon

Oops :frowning:


No one has done anythinhg! :rofl:
I go then:

:fast_forward: :heavy_plus_sign:

Who guesses this is really good :joy:


What we don’t know? :joy:


@Marilau? Is Chigo’s answer right?


Sorry for the late guys :sweat_smile: Changed my mobile phone and had problem to log in - and my laziness literally played too with that - now I’m here again! :two_hearts:

@chigokurosaki no, it’s not What We Don’t Know, it comes from a studio album


Breaking the habit?


The troll of this thread is back i guess :joy::joy:

What’s the time I don’t know but when you pause and play it (can we even do that? :thinking::joy:) You see your family calling out then you have a …fight? :no_mouth:


No :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it comes from THP


:joy::joy::joy: Beautiful




Guilty all the same?:thinking: