The Emoji Trivia Game


Keys to the kingdom :thinking: total shot in the dark haha


@Marilau dont leave us hanging here :joy:


None of them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
They are the first three verses of the song


All for Nothing?


Yay! It was pretty hard I know :sweat_smile:
It’s up to you now!


:cold_face: :cloud_with_rain:

It’s my first time with emoji game. I guess I’ve chosen an easy one.


Don’t want to reach for me, do you?
I mean nothing to you
The Little Things Give You Away


Right song, but not the verse.

I meant:

:non-potable_water: water grey
:fast_forward: through :desktop_computer::desktop_computer: the windows
:arrow_up: up the stairs

:cold_face: chilling :cloud_with_rain: rain
:ocean: like an ocean :earth_americas: everywhere

Your turn @Marilau


I know I wanted to continue the lyrics of the song, sincerely love it.

Mhh let’s see:
:eye: :clock3: :arrow_right::computer:

Just one verse


In the End
Watch the time go right out the window



Exactly :confetti_ball:


:nose: :books:


Sharp edges?


yep. Now give yours :slight_smile:


Okay, made one. I think its easy :yum:




:x::arrow_heading_down:, :arrow_heading_up:



Doesn’t seem easy. I racked my brain & found out nothing.

I thought of No More Sorrow but red-faced guy looks raster pissed off than sad


I agree with @anomalia, it’s pretty hard
Is this Make It Up As I Go from Post Traumatic?


Are Side projects also to consider? Seems I’m not gonna sleep at night to decipher emojis.


@anomalia Generally no, but this is not the first time so I guess it could be

Night? Where do you come from? :star_struck:


Now it’s almost 8.00 in the morning In Poland. I mean I was thinking a lot of this emoji game while in bed at night.