The Emoji Trivia Game


Oh i thought i made it easy. Had a harder version at first :sweat_smile:
Its an studioalbum and its the entire chorus.


I have the exact same thing since i found this thread. I love games but if i dont know the answer, ill keep on thinking about it while i try to fall asleep :see_no_evil: :joy: hope you slept well :kissing_heart:


Yep, now I can’t work :roll_eyes: thinking


I was not mad at you and So on?


Yes its Invisible! :smiley: well done

Your turn again




A Place For My Head?


I really like this song but this time it’s NOT A Place for my Head


Nooo! It seemed so much :sob:

“From the top to the bottom :arrow_lower_right: bottom to top :arrow_upper_right: I stop :no_entry:

Edit: woah I wanted to say Forgotten… I don’t know why I said A Place For My Head, I had this song in my mind I think…


Right. Looking forward to yours


1⃣ :clock11: :top:
:arrow_right: :x:
:eyes: :arrow_down:
:heart: :pause_button:


Why is this so hard???:joy::joy:
is it one step closer?


Got it!
Hit the Floor?
One minute you’re on the top
The next you’re not
Making your Heart stop


and the eyes?


One minute you’re on the top
The next you’re not
WATCH IT DROP (I dropped it)
Making you Heart stop


Wow you’re really good at it! It’s up to you now


I give easy one with very specific as always



Shadow of the Day


Sure. your turn


:boy::wind_face: (:fire::sun_with_face:)
:poop::thinking: (:sleeping_bed::red_car:)

Should be easy