The Emoji Trivia Game


What comes to my mind is a Castle of Glass


That’s not it


It makes me think to Halfway Right


You got it

Told me kid you’re going way too fast
You burn too bright, you know you’ll never last
It was bullshit then, I guess it makes sense now
I woke up driving my car


Yay! This is pretty difficult…

:adult:t4: :arrow_left:(:dagger: :gun:)
:arrows_counterclockwise: :wave:t2:
(:bust_in_silhouette::imp:) :arrow_right: :heavy_minus_sign:


[quote=“chigokurosaki, post:2327, topic:38425”]
[/quote] Ah, this was bullshit :rofl:

And how should I go to bed in peace if I have the puzzle above to be solved .:face_with_monocle:


Hm, this is a brain teaser… :thinking:


He left the knife and waved bye bye to the devil.

Do you know the song? It has never been released :rofl:


Is it By Myself?


Maybe Good Goodbye?:thinking: im going to listen to every song now :joy: i need to know…


From the Inside?
"Take everything from the Inside
And throw it all away…? "
I cant focus on my sudoku puzzle because of this :joy:


It’s an unreleased song :joy: sorry for the trap :laughing:


So I was right. Somehow

Across the Line?

Before we get the score and start with a next serious emoji, I’ve got something to warm up

  1. :tomato::baby_bottle:

  2. :ramen:


Yup, i agree with @anomalia. It has to be Across The Line then.


@anomalia you’re right :confetti_ball: :champagne:

What’s this? Tomato and milk? I prefer the other one then!


Tomato in the bottle which is…?


Ketchup or sauce :joy:


And the Ketchup song by LP is?


Try the ketchup motherfucka :rofl:

When They Come For Me

And the other one? Noodles?


:clap: you won :tomato::baby_bottle:

Don’t you know the song about noodles :smiley: