The Emoji Trivia Game


I thought it would probably be a line of a verse since it seems not to match with any chorus, and the second and last emojis makes ne think about Meteora or The Hunting Party, but sincerely, they could match with everything :joy:


All I know is that the key is this… Hope that face means “cold”


It is indeed a verse👍🏻 and its from MTM


I don’t really know, Hands Held High?


Valentine’s Day?


I vote for HHH


I’ve given up!!!


Yes its Hands Held High :tada:

“in my living room watching, but i am not laughing, cause when it gets tense i know what might happen. The world is cold, the bold men take action. Have to react or get blown intro fraction”
@Marilau its your turn


Give my turn to @kg1462003 who involved me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






Yep, whirlwind




Sorry guys I forgot :sweat_smile:

(:zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:) :pause_button: :grinning:


One step closer (as I don’t know any song called ‘Shut up, stop smiling’) :rofl:


And yet again, I have no idea…:thinking::thinking:


Yeah! Sorry I didn’t have much will to do it :joy:


:pause_button: :speaking_head: :fuelpump: :guitar: :arrow_up:
:phone: :house::fast_forward::sleeping_bed:


Sorry For Now